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No direct costs for software, setup, and support

Facilitron's unique business strategy allows us to provide cloud-based software, setup and support at NO COST. It’s our investment in your district and community – and reflects our commitment to a long-term partnership.

No cost software

No Cost Software means no licensing fees for use of our Scheduling & Reservation platform AND newly released Work Management System.

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No cost setup

No Cost Setup includes creation and setup of accounts and community facing storefronts for district and district schoolso including digitally cataloging all facilities (pictures, descriptions, geolocations), creating unlimited fee schedules, calendars, role-based users and more, as well as pre-loading all existing facility schedules and events — both school and community uses.

Setup includes:

  • Digital catalog of facilities — capacities, square footage, amenities and more
  • Facility photos — Drone/360
  • Rates, services, equipment, community availability setup
  • Internal and external users — roles, notifications
  • Schedule ingestion — internal/external
  • Site review and initial training

No cost support

No Cost Support includes Account Managers and Customer Support Teams providing ongoing training, technical assistance and more.

Account Managers and Customer Support assist with:

  • Onsite training and support for admins
  • Reservation adjustments and management assistance
  • Invoicing, payment processing, collections, refunds
  • Custom reports, best practices and business insights
  • 24/7 renter support for new and existing reservations
  • Community inquiries and questions
  • Insurance and non-profit organization verification
  • Availability and reservation repurposing or rescheduling
  • Changes/edits, and communications
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Facilitron charges a small service fee on all approved, external rentals with a dollar value greater than zero.

Reservations such as internal use reservations with no associated dollar amount are fully supported like any other reservation and incur no service fees. Reservations subject to charges but waived by authorized administrators also incur no service fees. Only the final adjusted and administrator approved dollar amounts are subject to service fees.

Facilitron collects all payments/refunds and issues disbursements directly to facility owners each month. Facility owners can choose to absorb service fees (deducted as a commission from Facilitron’s monthly payment), pass fees onto the external renters, or split fees between the two.

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