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Reduce workload.
Recover costs…

Facilitron enables school districts, colleges, and municipalities to manage, showcase, and monetize their facility availability and utilization while transforming the customer experience for community renters.

“Facilitron doesn’t cost the system one penny, organizes the paperwork and monies for auditing purposes, allows us to be consistent across the board taking responsibility off board and admins AND income helps offset expensive upgrades on facilities….HOMERUN!!!”

- Jay Brinson, Superintendent
Wayne County School System
How it Works
Facilitron Overview
College of Marin
“Facilitron has significantly reduced our administrative costs while allowing us to better monetize our facilities.” — Greg Nelson, College of Marin
Facilitron Scheduling

Powerful scheduling and reservation tools.

The Facilitron platform accommodates both internal and external reservation requests and transforms how facility owners manage their facilities by organizing all facility scheduling, calendars and communications into one place. A streamlined online application and approval process saves administrators valuable time and makes any work flow easy and manageable.

“Facilitron has significantly reduced our administrative costs while allowing us to better monetize our facilities. The benefit really hits the bottom line.”

- Greg Nelson, VP Finance & College Operations
College of Marin
College of Marin Case Study

A Few of our Partners

Facilitron Reporting

Harness the power of data.

Better reporting means better insights.

Data systems monitoring facility use allow Facilitron to provide valuable business insights that have helped districts save millions of dollars spent unknowingly subsidizing community programs and gives them the data required to support policy and procedure changes to better leverage district assets.

“…we simply can't afford to allow the district and taxpayers to subsidize non-school related programs conducted by community groups.”

- Ken Spencer, Director of General Services
Napa Valley Unified School District
Facilitron Search Results

A unique partnership strategy provides software, setup, and support at no costs to districts.

Through a unique partnership strategy which provides software and support at no cost, Facilitron helps school districts find solutions to optimizing building use, building rentals, and facility maintenance – all while saving costs, generating additional revenue and providing needed services for the local community.

* Service fees of 6-12% applied only to approved, external rental requests. Internal reservations or no fee reservations are fully supported with no cost.

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Work management,
made simple.

Powerfully integrated with the Scheduling & Reservation system, Facilitron’s Work Management System transforms the way schools manage work tasks by providing a centralized platform for intelligently creating and automating requests – from complex projects to simple work orders.

“We were looking for a system that tackled complex facility projects in a simplified manner. Facilitron delivered.”

- Brett McFadden, Associate Superintendent
Monterey Peninsula Unified School District
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Facilitron Work Management

Meeting school & community needs — with less resources.

Facilitron automates data gathering and relieves district personnel from record keeping and other cumbersome tasks of a manual system. And with Facilitron’s customer support team, the responsibility of supporting community requests with customer service, bill collection, verifying insurance and organization status, or even repurposing declined requests is shifted away from district personnel so they can focus on performing other needed tasks.

“As for Facilitron, LIFE SAVER. I did facilities use for three years without them and my entire job has changed because of them. It’s like having my own staff. Seriously, best decision I’ve made.”

- Cheryl Galloway, Community Engagement Manager
East Side High School District
Facilitron Search Results

Facilitron is a cloud-based platform to manage, schedule and rent public facilities. It enables public schools, colleges and municipalities to showcase, monetize and manage their facilities – consolidating financial and usage data, communications, and calendars all in one place.

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