Facilitron’s facility management platform helps school districts maximize facility use

At Facilitron, it’s our goal to create meaningful relationships between public facility owners and communities. As an integral part of our platform and partnership, we provide public institutions data and business insights to make better decisions about managing facility use—whether internal usage or utilization by the many community groups who rely on public infrastructure to contribute to the wide range of programs made available for both children and adults.

The Facilitron Partnership

At Facilitron, we believe that licensing software alone is not enough to create and develop a facility use program that provides data and manages both internal use and the many requests from community organizations demanding access to public facilities. With limited resources and tightening budgets, getting on top of facility use without allocating new funds can seem like an impossible task.

But Facilitron is more than software. Because of our unique no-cost business model, facility owners get software, setup and support at no cost or risk—the entire program is funded by revenue generated by the rental program with no need to allocate funds up front for setup or training. This alignment of interests drives our team to work with facility administrators to track and understand facility use data and critical KPIs, establish processes and policies, and to take the everyday burdens of invoicing, payment collection, insurance verification and customer service off of facility use personnel.

Scheduling and Reservation System

At the core of the Facilitron platform are powerful scheduling and reservation tools which accommodate both internal and external reservation requests. Facility owners can organize all facility scheduling, calendars, requests and communications in one place. And community requesters can search, find and book available facilities, track requests, manage insurance and make payments simply and easily.

Easy facility scheduling for faculty

Whether they are looking for a classroom, auditorium, theater, or football field, school faculty can easily book available school facilities for their activities.

Painless community reservations

Renters outside of your organization can browse your facilities online and see photos, details, and availability at a glance.

Facilitron scheduling and reservations calendar.

Custom District & School Sites

When your district becomes a Facilitron partner, our courteous and professional implementation team springs into action. They begin the process of getting all of your facilities into the system. They take professional photographs of your spaces, gather capacity information, and create descriptions for every space on your custom site. A single district site can serve multiple school sites and each school site can manage unlimited school facilities.

Computer monitor showing custom district site.

Custom district sites

District sites provide an overview of all of the schools in the district, with their facilities.

Individual school sites

School sites make it easy to browse photos, pricing, and availability of facilities for rent at specific schools.

Search results

Community and faculty can quickly and easily search your site for available facilities.

Facility pages

Facility pages display photos, location, description, capacity, amenities, rates, and availability—all at a glance.


Data-driven decision making is transforming the way districts operate. Facilitron collects and organizes important facility use data in one place and at no cost to the district. Districts have seen recovery cost revenue significantly increase while school administrators have improved efficiency and cut administrative costs by 75% or more annually.

Financial reports and consulting

We provide detailed reports on revenue bookings, rental revenue, renters, and utilization.

Executive summary

Our executive summary provides a dashboard of easy-to-scan charts to monitor booking, revenue, and utilization information.

Computer monitor showing executive summary report.

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