Facilitron Overview

How does a partnership with Facilitron work?

Your district just decided to move forward with Facilitron to streamline receiving and managing reservation requests and start tracking valuable data on how, when and by whom facilities are being used. Now what?

You may be wondering…

  • What happens first?
  • How long does it take?
  • We just went live, now what?

These are questions we love to answer because no matter how large or small your district is Facilitron makes the process of coming onboard easy and efficient.

What happens first?

It starts with our amazing Implementation team. They are responsible for creating your account and configuring it with all your schools and buildings, rates, requirements, services, equipment, and setting up each facility’s general availability as well as existing schedules and reservations.

Among the activities of the implementation process…

  • Digital cataloging of facilities — locations, capacities, square footage, amenities and more
  • Campus and facility photos of all facilities or facility types — including drone images / 360° images
  • Rates, services, equipment, application questions by facility and availability
  • Internal and external users - roles, notifications preferences
  • Schedule ingestion - internal/external
  • Site review and initial training
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Aerial shot of school campus Aerial shot of school campus Aerial shot of school campus
People being trained behind a laptop
Sample Timeline
Kickoff Meeting July 1
Photos July 10
Reservation Review July 19
Training July 24-28
Go Live August 1

How long does it take?

We move fast and make it easy to get all district facilities configured and key staff trained — which makes for a smooth transition and launch. Depending on the size of a district and how fast it wants to move, the implementation process can take as little as 1-month for a 100-campus district, or just weeks for a smaller district.

Implementation Milestones:

  • Kick Off Meeting – Meeting or call to review implementation process, coordinate site visits and photo schedule, request any remaining materials needed
  • Photos – Visit school sites to shoot all photos
  • Site Review - Meeting within one week of photo completion to review account setup and community facing storefront pages
  • Reservation Review – Meet to review existing reservations in system at launch and train principal admins on reservation management, etc.
  • Staff Training – Training sessions for all relevant staff in district - group and one-on-one sessions
  • Go live!

We just went live. Now what?

During implementation, we introduce your district’s Account Manager who becomes involved with training key staff and getting to know your district - its renters, its administrators and its policies. AMs then work with the district on a day-to-day basis assisting and supporting to help relieve the burden of routine but time-consuming admin tasks like insurance verification or collections.

Then on an ongoing basis, our Account Managers along with our Customer Support continue to assist district administrators, faculty and facility requestors - whether school-related groups or community groups - with day to day questions, ongoing training, best practices, adjustments and more.

Among the ways AMs and CS representatives assist…

  • Onsite training and support for admins
  • Reservation adjustments and management assistance
  • Invoicing, payment processing, collections, refunds
  • Custom reports
  • Best practices
  • 24/7 renter support for new and existing reservations
  • Community inquiries and questions
  • Insurance and non-profit verification
  • Availability and reservation repurposing or rescheduling
  • Changes/Edits
  • Communications
Facilitron support portraying people with phone headsets Facilitron implementation team

Ongoing Services

It doesn’t stop there. A Facilitron partnership includes ongoing analysis and business insights that enable districts to create policies that have a major impact on the health and performance of schools. All while allowing for an overlap of resources that benefits both education and the community.

Ongoing consultative services include:

  • Cost recovery analysis
  • Revenue projection analysis
  • Policy recommendations
  • In-depth reporting analysis
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