Work Order Management

Work Orders and Maintenance Management that delivers reliability and efficiency

The Facilitron platform features a web-based work management solution that's easy to use and organizes and manages all scheduled and unplanned maintenance and repairs.

Best of all, the system automates maintenance requests associated with events scheduled through Facilitron’s core scheduling and reservations system to provide a truly integrated event scheduling and maintenance platform. And with Facilitron’s unique business model, allocating funds for software licensing is a thing of the past.

Core Features

Whether you manage one building on campus or an entire school district, Facilitron's easy-to-use platform enables your M&O team to manage work orders with new visibility into all on-campus events—perfect for coordinating setups, lights, HVAC and more.

Facilitron Work Management

Work Orders

Receive requests, create, assign, track, print, and close work orders

Preventative Maintenance

It's built in—no additional module needed to schedule preventative maintenance

Site Maps

Site maps accessible by all users for exact location, room and space information with a calendar of scheduled work orders

Asset Management

Bar code location and asset tracking with PM plan report of district-wide asset status by property—including key tracking for both maintenance and key lockers

Inventory Management

Inventory audit methodology using mobile device and bluetooth scanners


Ready-to-run reports provide critical, real-time information about work flow, staffing, facility condition, costs, and warranty repairs

Mobile Compatible

For paperless maintenance management models or traditional hard copy models with automation for best of both

Unlimited Support

Customer support through phone, email, or live chat

Facilitron Work Management
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