Work Order Management

Easy-to-use, yet powerful enough to handle any size operation

The Facilitron platform features a web-based work management solution that's easy to use and organizes and manages all scheduled and unplanned maintenance and repairs.

Best of all, the system automates maintenance requests associated with events scheduled through Facilitron’s core scheduling and reservations system to provide a truly integrated event scheduling and maintenance platform. And with Facilitron’s unique business model, allocating funds for software licensing is a thing of the past.

The Benefits of using Facilitron for Work Order Management

  • Single point of record
  • Integrated with event scheduling system
  • Reduce and track equipment downtime
  • Protect your assets with maintenance checklists
  • Track, manage and improve KPI's
  • Customizable workflows to increase productivity
  • No separate modules!
Facilitron Work Management

Core Features

Whether you manage one building on campus or an entire school district, Facilitron's easy-to-use platform enables your M&O team to manage work orders with new visibility into all on-campus events—perfect for coordinating setups, lights, HVAC and more.

Work Orders

Receive requests, create, assign, track, print, and close work orders.

  • Easily find any work order
  • Create recurring and reacting work orders
  • Track time and costs
  • Create automated workflows
  • Build projects to manage multiple work orders

Work Requests

Give technicians, operators and other staff ability to submit work requests from mobile device.

  • View pending work requests in a single view
  • Create public online request portal
  • Create automated workflows
  • Log time and expenses
  • Upload photos and receipts

Preventative Maintenance

Built in scheduling helps prevent equipment breakdowns and reduces maintenance costs.

  • Schedule on a repeatable basis: daily, weekly, monthly - anytime
  • Create customized checklists for routine inspections, safety checks and walkthroughs.
  • Run reports based on assigned technician, team, asset or location.
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We should have had this system four years ago! This program does so much, and I'm excited about Facilitron because it's flexible and easy to use. It's the best work order system for any facilities operation department.

Cornell Williams

Cornell Williams, Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation
Banning USD

Maintenance Checklists

Create checklists for facility walkthroughs, equipment inspections and other preventative maintenance tasks.

  • Customize your checklists
  • Get feedback from techs
  • Quickly add or edit new checklists on the fly
  • View tech reports by checklist items


Save time filling out work order details by creating workflows for staff assignments, scheduling, and auto-reporting directly to your inbox.

  • If/then rules
  • Automate work requests and POs
  • Trigger work orders with checklists
  • Create unlimited workflows

Work Scheduler

Easily view and assign work to your staff using Facilitron’s Work Scheduler.

  • Assign tasks and track workload
  • Manage sick and vacation time
  • Automatically put work orders back into assign queue when worker calls in sick
  • Filter by employee, trade or crew
Facilitron Work Management

Asset Management

Bar code location and asset tracking with PM plan report of district-wide asset status by property—including key tracking for both maintenance and key lockers.

  • Track assets based on location - same locations for work orders and Facility scheduling
  • Utilize barcodes for up-to-date and accurate tracking
  • Detect missing assets
  • Ensure compliance for for auditing with detailed reporting

Inventory Management

Inventory audit methodology using mobile device and bluetooth scanners

  • Manage inventory with barcodes
  • Add parts to work orders
  • Maintain stock of vital supplies
  • Restock with purchase orders

Tool Room

Track and manage consumable inventory and assets needed to complete your work orders.

  • Check in/out of tools
  • Conduct Asset inventory
  • Work order based pick list by staff
  • Low inventory warnings and alert emails


Ready-to-run reports provide critical, real-time information about work flow, staffing, facility condition, costs, and warranty repairs

  • Custom report generator with scheduled reporting
  • Receive scheduled reports directly to your inbox
  • Comprehensive reports on performance and workload
  • Detailed reporting on work order status and cost
Facilitron Work Management
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Learn why thousands of schools and facility owners have chosen Facilitron for their facility management and event scheduling platform.

Facilitron is more than a software - it’s a true partnership.

  • Software: Our easy-to-use cloud-based platform allows you to track and manage your maintenance and operations at any time on any device.
  • Setup: Get started on the right foot. Facilitron’s Implementation team will configure your entire account and train all necessary staff to set you up for success from day one.
  • Support: We provide unlimited customer support and training. Call, email, or live chat with a member of our Customer Support team for any questions or help using the Facilitron platform.