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Supporting Facility Owners and Renters

Managing facilities is no easy task. From small private operations to school districts with hundreds of campuses, many operations focus primarily on internal use and reactive maintenance. However, building a program that maximizes facility use and includes revenue-generating public rentals as well as internally scheduled events and maintenance requires more than just software.


Account Support: The Partnership Difference

Our partnership model starts with an investment in your organization and a commitment to its success. Facilitron’s team of support experts become a part of your team and an extension of your staff, helping apply your facility use policies across your organization and bringing best practices from organizations all across the country. This alignment allows us to work together to set and achieve the goals of a successful program.

Supporting Administrators and Renters

Ground zero of a support team is supporting administrators and renters with basic questions, changes and any issues that may arise before, during or after an event. Our support teams are available at any time through all channels including phone, email and live chat answering questions and helping facilitate transactions and facility use.

Taking on the Burdens of Public Space Rentals

In addition to basic support, Facilitron and its support teams relieve administrators of many of the burdens that make public rentals difficult—assisting customers, verifying insurance and helping renters meet insurance requirements, invoicing, payment collections, refunds and more. It’s all on us. Our support teams are there when you need them, so for example, when mass cancellations are required due to weather or other emergencies, Facilitron’s support team can cancel or suspend reservations and repurpose them for a later date while managing your renter’s credits and refunds.

Actionable Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

Facilitron's account managers are experts in facility use management. They become familiar with your organization's administrators, approvers and renters. Using our reports and executive summaries, Facilitron account managers meet with your team regularly to help them analyze and understand what your data reveals about the effectiveness of your processes and policies. They can then share best practices and policies that have been successful with similar organizations—enabling you to take action.

Building and Developing a Facility Use Program

Through working with facility operators across the country, Facilitron has identified five stages of developing an effective facility use program. Navigating through these steps is a process that requires constantly tracking, measuring and analyzing data. Using data generated by the system, Facilitron’s account managers and support teams help your organization understand exactly what’s happening with your users and what communication or changes in process might improve your program and get you to the next stage. This iterative process continues until you reach the final stage which includes data-driven adjustments to policies, compliance across the organization with those policies and a complete understanding of usage, cost to operate and revenue.

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