Getting Started with Facilitron

So you think Facilitron might be the right fit. Where do we go from here?

With demand for public facilities at an all-time high, facility owners like school districts are recognizing the need to reexamine the relationships they have with their communities. Partners like Facilitron can help with developing policies and practices that lead to better joint use of taxpayer funded buildings and grounds, without further straining the financial resources of these public agencies.

At Facilitron, we’re committed to this relationship, and strive to sustainably connect community organizations with the public spaces that enable an enriched community environment.

To accommodate the variety of ways districts approach facility use management, we've built enormous flexibility into our system. We can accommodate a variety of work flows, processes, roles, and approval hierarchies, ensuring a successful solution for your district.


Let's Start with a Demo

Our account team will walk you and your facility stakeholders through the Facilitron platform—how it works and how to convert your current methods into an efficient cloud-based system that will streamline processes, automate tasks, track data, and ultimately provide a new understanding of how your facilities are being used. We'll show you how we use data to advise you on how to update fees, craft successful policies, and set and achieve goals for better utilization and revenue.

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Planning and Organization

Gaining consensus at a large organization can take time. We understand the obstacles and will help you navigate the process from engaging your colleagues to presenting to your school board. Once your team is ready to move forward, our onboarding team will discuss the process of getting your account configured and ready to go "live." We'll build a timeline and engage the appropriate stakeholders to begin the implementation process.

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Implementation and Training

Our onboarding team builds a detailed digital catalog of your fields, gyms, classrooms and other sites, configuring your fee schedules, rate categories, and more—all with a minimal burden and time commitment. Then we work with you to schedule your facility photos including aerial and 360 degree shots. Within days, even a 100-campus school district or city is completely configured and ready for review. Our team then transfers all existing reservations and information into the system so it's ready to go from the start. Lastly, we hold 30-45 minute training sessions for your key administrators so you’re prepared to go live. And with Facilitron, there are never any hidden costs, so all setup and training comes at absolutely no cost.

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Go Live

Facilitron makes your program launch easy. Typically we begin with an internal "soft launch" so administrators can get comfortable with the new system without yet dealing with external requests. Then after a week, we officially make a public announcement and provide a link to your new facility rental site from your school district and individual school websites. At this point your facilities are officially available for rent on the Facilitron marketplace. But have no fear, Facilitron is with you ready to guide you through any hiccups you or your renters encounter with our 24/7 customer support and dedicated account managers.

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