Building Automation Systems

Automatically turn HVAC systems on and off from scheduled and approved events on the Facilitron platform

Never forget to schedule HVAC for an after-hours event again. With Building Automation, your HVAC and other building systems can integrate with Facilitron’s Scheduling & Reservations system to automatically turn on and off equipment based on customized rules or other parameters.

Improve efficiency and reduce energy costs

Fully integrated throughout the Facilitron platform, BAS schedules are automatically created based on approved events that exist on the facility Scheduling & Reservations system, to coordinate systems and facility use efficiently.

Manage HVAC, lights, and any other device connected to a building communication protocol (like BACnet) to automatically turn systems on and off.



Facility operators don’t have the time or the manpower to coordinate facility schedules effectively with energy departments.



Last-minute events are scheduled but energy systems are not. Or worse, events are cancelled at the last minute but energy systems run as scheduled.



HVAC systems run perpetually over weekends, holidays, or when no one is in the building.



Energy departments have little to no visibility into after-hours events.



New COVID guidelines regarding air circulation REQUIRE that air systems be turned on during events.

How Building Automation solves wasteful energy problems while taking districts from reactive to proactive

Facilitron’s Scheduling & Reservations system creates one calendar-of-record for every facility in the organization—no matter how large. This calendar allows maintenance and energy departments, as well as security teams, to have visibility into the activities and events taking place on buildings and grounds.

Using Building Automation, approved calendar events can automatically schedule any BACnet controlled system to turn on and off based on rules setup in Facilitron platform during implementation. This allows equipment to come on at prescribed times before and after events depending on any number of variables and preferences.

With real-time activations, events added (approved) or removed (cancelled) from the scheduling platform will immediately activate or deactivate system protocols. This can reduce the frequency of unnecessarily heating and cooling buildings when events are cancelled and solves the problem of receiving last-minute requests to activate HVAC systems when events are scheduled on short notice.

With an overview of facilities mapped to certain systems as well as access to event schedules, administrators can coordinate and consolidate events into buildings or zones where fewer expensive activations are required, proactively managing systems and energy use—a powerful tool in today’s era of shrinking budgets.

HVAC Grouping

HVAC and controller grouping is configured automatically in the Facilitron system during the implementation process. Everyone who creates an event in the scheduling system can see how many HVAC controllers each facility activates, and whether that facility is part of a larger HVAC group.

Remain in Control

Facilitron’s BAS is a flexible solution making it easy for administrators to manually override or edit rules, commands, schedules and more.

Real-time Activations

Avoid confusion and frustration from last minute communications between departments for HVAC scheduling. If an event is entered at 2:59 pm with a start time of 3:00 pm, everything in that room will automatically turn on at 2:59 pm, right on time.

Custom Rules

HVAC behavior is customized so that specific controllers turn on before scheduled events to ensure a comfortable facility environment at start, and turn off before the end to maximize savings while maintaining acceptable comfort levels. With the ability to create unlimited rules, administrators are able to program any number of potential cost saving behaviors — even strategies to avoid demand spikes.

Easy Integration

BAS works seamlessly with your existing Facilitron calendar and scheduling. Once configured, there are no extra steps to schedule HVAC, lighting, locks, or irrigation for approved events.

Why Choose Facilitron's Building Automation System?


Facilitron’s BAS takes care of all system activations for approved events in the Facilitron Scheduling & Reservation platform—no errors, with monthly average uptime and success rate of 100%.

Savings on Energy

Just a 3% reduction in energy bills for a typical 40-school district using a BAS solution could mean over $100,000 in annual savings.


Facilitron’s BAS was designed with security in mind. No extra firewall rules, no extra security holes.

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To learn more about how Facilitron's BAS can help your district improve its energy efficiency and save costs, schedule a demo.

System and Usage Analytics

Facilitron's Executive Reports show exactly what is happening with day-to-day energy consumption. Get high-level overviews as well as details by location. Easily see which facilities get the most use and detect any potential spikes in scheduled use—in time to make the adjustments you need.

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