Attendee Management

Facilitron’s Attendee Management brings touch-free event registration and attendance tracking to facility operators.

School districts and other facility operators are facing unforeseen challenges in the quest to manage and reopen schools and public/private facilities. In a time when contact tracing has become a necessity, the Attendee Management feature enables facility operators to accurately register and track all personnel, volunteers, vendors, parents and other attendees who are occupying their facilities.

Event Registration, Check-In/Out and Reporting

Attendee Management creates an easy way for event managers to establish a record of visitors to campus facilities. With flexible registration, check-in and reporting, it provides confidence for facility operators that attendance information is available for later reference if needed.


Event attendees can pre-register for events, helping to manage resources and capacity limits.

Same-Day/Walk-Up Registration

For walk-up attendees who have not pre-registered, onsite QR codes can be used with personal devices to easily register at the event location.

Assisted and Self Check-In

Using event-specific QR codes, event attendees can check themselves in with no assistance in a completely touch-free environment using their mobile devices . Or, attendance managers can provide assisted check-in using registration lists while managing waitlists and capacity limits.

Facilitron Attendee Management Mobile Event Registration
Event Check-In with Facilitron's Attendee Management

Health Screenings/Surveys

Easily set up custom surveys such as health screenings and require registrants to complete them before check-in. Options include keeping survey results anonymous and saving or discarding results.

Sharable Links and QR Codes

Event-specific URLs and QR codes for registration can be easily shared with participants.

Capacity Limits and Wait Lists

Facility owners can set limits on attendee capacity per event and time slot, ensuring compliance with maximum occupancy requirements. Registrants can be placed on a wait list if capacity limit is reached but becomes available at the time of the event.

Facilitron Attendee Management widget view

Attendee Lists

Attendee lists are attached to reservations in Facilitron and include contact information for everyone who is registered. This list also has time stamped check-in and check-out, as well as information on the wait listed group. All attendee lists can be exported to Excel.

Special Terms or Liability Waivers

Expanded liability coverage is integrated into event attendance terms and conditions, setting expectations and protections for facility owners and renters alike.

Why Is It Important?

The health crisis of 2020 has made attendee management an essential product for school districts and private businesses who now need to document not only events in their buildings, but the participants who attend those events.

For Facilitron partners, attendee management is built into the administrative interface and available to use with each approved reservation.

Facility renters may also access attendee management for use with registering participants for their events, allowing event coordinators and facility operators to access lists of participants who attended for the possible needs of contact tracing.

As with all Facilitron product features, the attendee management tool is included in all our partnerships.

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