Review these tasks and work with your account manager to make sure you're ready for the start of the school year.

  • Open Availability for the 2022-23 School Year — If you haven’t already, contact your account manager to make sure you’ve opened availability through the next school year so that renters can request dates. (Pro Tip! You can see how far out your district’s availability is currently open by looking at the date listed on the top right corner of your Calendar page in Facilitron.)
  • Add Internal Schedules to the CalendarAdd internal schedules for upcoming school activities, events, practices, games, etc., to the Facilitron Events Calendar. Adding events to the Facilitron calendar helps the district document all facility use and allows important support services such as energy, custodial and security to be scheduled or to support your event. It also prevents community members from making requests for facilities that are already in use.
  • Approve Requests — If you’re involved in the approval process at your campus or district, check your “Pending Reservations” queue to review all upcoming requests that need your pre-approval (campus administrators) or approval (district administrators).
  • Update Staff Changes — The approval path for facility use requests can be stopped cold if personnel changes for the new school year has caused the approval hierarchy of certain facilities to change. Staff changes such as new principals, APs or ADs need to be updated in the system to ensure things go smoothly. Send us a chat or an email with your updates.
  • Get Your Staff Trained — Facilitron conducts a live training every other week. Sign up for a live, interactive training session to make sure you and your team are up to speed on Facilitron’s newest features and can efficiently manage schedules and requests.
  • New Sites or Locations — Does your district have new or remodeled facilities or new locations? Review the photos on your community facing storefront (Pro Tip: Select “All Facilities” and then Search) and update pictures by working with your account manager. For a minor update, use this guide for taking your own photos! And if you have any facilities that need to be added to your site, you can send those details to your account manager or email
  • Add Facilitron Works — Ask your account manager, or schedule a demo to learn more about Facilitron work order management system, Facilitron Works. It seamlessly integrates with Facilitron S&R our scheduling and reservations system to give your M&O team new visibility into all on-campus events.
  • Download User Guides — Ready to print or email, these user training guides give you and your team an overview of the Dashboard, the Event Calendar and how to Create Events.

For more help, visit our support site.