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Facilitron Acquires Login Logix

Facilitron acquires work management platform Login Logix.

LOS GATOS, Calif., August 1, 2019 -- Facilitron, a data-driven facilities management platform and marketplace for schools and public spaces, today announced the acquisition of Login Logix, a California software company whose products include Maintenance Login, a work order management system, and Facilities Login, a facility scheduling system.

The acquisition furthers Facilitron’s goal of creating a more holistic and integrated facility use platform that includes both facility reservations and work management. The combined platform will provide its users far more powerful business insights and will further advance Facilitron’s rapid growth and emergence as an industry leader in facility management.

"We’re excited to bring on Login Logix,” Facilitron CEO Jeff Benjamin said. “It helps us move towards our goal of having a truly integrated facility management system with the power to transform how school districts manage their facilities”

“With Facilitron we’ll be able to scale work order management and better integrate our customers into facility scheduling and reservations.”Tom Rayburn, COO and General Manager of Login Logix

Customers of Login Logix’s most widely used product, Maintenance Login, will be able to use Facilitron’s core scheduling and reservation platform to create work orders directly from reservations created on the system. The integration will provide data that will aid Facilitron in completing the development of their own work management system, Facilitron Work, set to launch in 2020.

The Login Logix team, led by Rayburn and Customer Support Manager Mike Patton, will join Facilitron in similar roles going forward.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Facilitron is a data-driven facilities management platform and marketplace that streamlines facility scheduling and the rental request process of school and public spaces while enabling insight into real-time cost and utilization data.

Through an all-inclusive partnership, Facilitron provides its cloud-based software, setup and support with no direct costs to schools and public facility owners allowing public spaces to be easily managed, listed, discovered and booked through the platform.

Facilitron provides information to schools on the benefits of data such as equitable use, fiscal responsibility to taxpayers, and school safety. Benefiting from real-world experience with school boards and facility data analysis, Facilitron provides a complete platform and consulting solution that helps schools develop and implement well-managed facility use programs, gain new insights on their operational costs and prepare for a data-driven future.