Theater Rentals

Find a theater or amphitheater to rent

Watching a live performance, be it chamber music or a play, can be a very enjoyable experience. But the right venue makes all the difference. Acoustics are key for most shows but there are other factors to consider when renting a theater—is there enough space for the audience? Are dressing rooms needed? Can your trumpet player project to the back row? Whatever your artistic needs, we can help you find just the right talent showcase.

Theaters for plays

“All the world’s a stage” according to Shakespeare, but you really need the right venue to put on a proper play. Facilitron has several options to choose from. Whether you need an open air theater for your summer Chekov festival or a fully equipped auditorium for your youth group’s production of “Guys and Dolls,” we can help.

Theaters for dance

Dance performances work in a variety of venues. For example, a small troupe of modern dancers might require a more intimate space to perform than a clog-dancing group. Whether you’re putting on “Swan Lake” with all of the tutus and elaborate sets that might entail, or you only need a spotlight on a single tap dancer, we can help you secure the proper performance arena.

Theaters for music

A room’s acoustics have a big impact on the success of a performance. The proper balance of sound and tones between the instruments can create a sublime experience. Let us help you find the right theater for your chamber group, community orchestra, or even your glam rock cover band. Facilitron can guide you to the right-sized venue with the proper acoustics.

Theaters for lectures

The most important part about a lecture space is clarity of sound. Every member of the audience needs to hear the speaker clearly, even the farthest row. Let us help you find the right theater for your upcoming speaker.