Rentals for Music and Arts

Renting facilities for music and the arts

Music and art are essential to becoming a well-rounded human being. Unfortunately, these types of programs have been disappearing from schools over the years. We’ve found all of the local spots you can rent in order to foster music and arts education after school. Budding musicians need a music room or recital hall, young thespians require a theater or auditorium, and visual artists need a bright studio where they can sketch still lifes or create charcoal landscapes.

Rent rooms and equipment for music, visual and performing arts, giving you and your students the space you need to cultivate the next Mozart, Van Gogh, Hendrix, Chagall, or Reese Witherspoon.


You don’t need to rent The Globe to host your next performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” or secure a Broadway theater for your teenage production of “Guys and Dolls.” Schools in your area have modern theaters for rent. Let us help you find them.

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Art Classrooms

You can draw or paint just about anywhere, but an art room is the best spot to foster creativity. An ideal art classroom has lots of natural light, wide tables, and a floor that can be cleaned with ease. Let us help you find the perfect place for your students to sketch, sculpt, paint, or spin pots!

Music Rooms

If you’re teaching a music class or holding orchestra practice, you really need a soundproof, fully equipped room. We have found the best music classrooms in your area. Let us help your students get started playing the timpani or wailing on the saxophone in the perfect environment.

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Performance Practice

We have found the best performance practice spaces available in your area. Bring your troupe of ballet beginners or any individual or group that needs a stage and the right type of room for practicing before a big show.

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