Renting facilities for music and the arts

Students participating in music and arts education show a rise in confidence and an eagerness to learn. Budding musicians need a music room or recital hall, young thespians require a theater or auditorium, and visual artists need a place of their own where they can create conté crayon sketches of still-lifes.

Facilitron partners have rooms and equipment available for rent for music and visual and performing arts, giving you the space you need to cultivate the next Mozart, Van Gogh, Hendrix, Chagall, or Reese Witherspoon.

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Theater: Plays


You don’t need to rent The Globe to host your next performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Schools in your area have modern theaters for rent. Let us help you find them.

Art classroom

Art classrooms

Sketches, sculpture, pottery, and painting, oh my! Your can’t host your next art class in a lunch room. Well, you could, but don’t! Use our platform to find the perfect art room.

Music room

Music rooms

Do you need a place to teach your students to bang a drum and ting a triangle? There are sound-proofed and fully-equipped music rooms available for rent near you!

Performance practice

Performance practice

Performance studios are perfect for dance, performance rehearsals, private lessons or small group sessions. See what’s available in your area.

Facilitron helps make classrooms, theaters and athletic fields available through an easy searchable marketplace.

Not only do we help connect communities with their schools, we help create parity and organization so school districts can recoup costs while making their fields and classrooms available to the communities they serve.