Work Order Dashboards and Reports

Powerful Dashboards & Reporting for Maintenance Operations

One of the biggest differentiators in a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is its reporting capability. Built right into Facilitron Works are pre-configured and customizable reports that can be scheduled to come right into your inbox. But now at the heart of the system is a powerful and customizable dashboard that gives you the insights and trends you need each time you log in.

Reviewing your operation's performance shouldn't be difficult

With Facilitron Works dashboards and reports, you can quickly and easily:

  • Get a high level review of the work orders that were submitted and completed
  • View trends over time to see how results compare to previous time periods
  • Drill down into individual purposes and properties
  • Get fast insights into particular trades and workers completion rates
  • See comparisons at a glance
  • Build and save filters for Dashboard by purpose, property, trade and worker

Dashboards designed to provide you relevant information

Operational dashboards are built to provide you the insights you want at a glance. They allow you to see performance at a high level and how your operation is trending compared to prior timeframes. Effective dashboards also allow you to easily drill down into your data, right to the source information to find out what’s really going on.

The Facilitron Works operations dashboard does just that providing real-time data that’s customizable to your exact specs. No matter if you are the director of operations, a trade foreman or a maintenance tech, the dashboard can deliver at a glance critical data on your operation (director), your trade’s performance (foreman) or your individual performance (tech).

Facilitron Work Management

Easily customize and save multiple dashboards

With the Facilitron Works dashboard, you can use filters to create customized dashboards that present the information you want based on purpose, property, trade or worker, or any combination of the four. Save as many dashboards as you want and easily switch between them to get the quick overviews you need.

Specialized use cases with the Facilitron Works dashboard include:

  • An electrical foreman who wants to see the productivity of each of his workers in the past month.
  • A maintenance tech who just wants to see his average completion time or completion percentage.
  • A director of maintenance who wants an overview of everything, including total work orders received and completed in a given timeframe and broken down by purpose.
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Facilitron NAILED it. The Dashboard is exactly what I was looking for, allowing us to analyze our workload and improve our efficiency.

Brooke Murray, Director of Facilities Planning and Operations
Ontario-Montclair USD

Preconfigured and scheduled reports

Dashboards are built for quick high-level views, comparisons and trends, but maintenance operations rely on many standard operating reports which Facilitron Works has built right into the system.

Along with the 40+ preconfigured reports built-in, the system offers a custom report generator that allows you to create custom reports and schedule them to arrive in your email inbox daily, weekly, monthly or multiple times per period.

Among our preconfigured reports are status reports on open and closed work orders by various categories, performance measures such as statistics by department, work order cost reports and workload analysis reports.

Facilitron Work Order Management Custom Reports

Your data is your data

Accessing your data is important, so Facilitron Works allows you to export all of your data for further analysis or for integrating with other systems. Export work order data, assets, employee, property or user data with just a few clicks.

Reports on assets and recurring maintenance

Reporting in Facilitron Works isn’t limited to work orders. You can easily run dedicated reporting on assets including warranty expirations and end of useful life reports. You can also run reports for pre-planned recurring maintenance such as inspections, changing filters, oil, or other significant components of district systems that need routine maintenance.

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