The Facilitron Platform & Partnership

Manage facility schedules, requests, maintenance and energy systems through our unique platform and partnership

Facilitron first launched as a Facility Scheduling & Reservations System with powerful calendaring tools that accommodate both internal scheduling and revenue generating external reservation requests.

As we grew into an industry leader and public spaces marketplace, our next step was to add a comprehensive, easy-to-use Work Order Management System that organizations can use not only to maintain their facilities, but to track assets, measure utilization, costs and revenue and more.

Next we enabled Building Automation to integrate with our scheduling platform so that digital systems that control HVAC, lights, door locks and other automated systems could be automatically programed to turn on and off based on rules set up on the platform.

Finally, responding to the health crisis of 2020, we developed Attendee Management, an event registration system that gives users the ability to register and document attendees at events through a touch-free check in and out process, complete with surveys like health screenings and more.

Together the Facilitron platform is an incredibly powerful suite of tools that help you utilize, maintain and monetize your most valuable assets.

Software Provider vs Software Partnership

Facilitron differentiates by not simply being software providers, we are a Software Partnership. What’s the difference? Software providers license you software. A software partner works with your organization to help it thrive and be successful, to help it set and achieve goals. A software partner provides unlimited training and support, not just to your organization, but also to your customers. And a software partner continues to innovate throughout the lifetime of the relationship, providing additional ways for your organization to achieve success. The relationship is invested and long-term.

The Facilitron Partnership

At Facilitron, we believe that licensing software alone is not enough to create and develop a facility use program that provides data, manages internal use, and processes requests from community organizations demanding access to public facilities. With limited resources and tightening budgets, getting on top of facility use without allocating new funds can seem like an impossible task.

But Facilitron is more than software. Through our unique no-cost business model, facility owners get the software, setup, and support at no cost and with no risk—the entire program is funded by revenue generated by the rental program with no need to allocate funds upfront for setup or training.

This alignment of interests drives our team to work with facility administrators to track and understand facility use data and critical KPIs, establish processes and policies, and to take the everyday burdens of invoicing, payment collection, insurance verification, and customer service off of facility use personnel.

Team discussing facility use policies

Implementation and Training

Because our partnership creates an aligned interest, we guarantee your account implementation will be successful. Our team manages all the onboarding from start-to-finish including taking drone and 360-degree facility photos, configuring accounts, building a digital catalog of facilities, creating all rate groups, users, roles, and importing existing facility schedules, work orders, preventive maintenance inspection profiles and more. Your system will be ready-to-go on day one. Learn more about our implementation and training.

Account and Customer Support

With you every step of the way, our account support teams work with directly with you and your teams to help create a successful program. This includes ongoing training and day-to-day tasks like invoicing, payment collections and refunds. Experts in data analysis, our account teams also help you understand the powerful metrics coming from your data reports, to help you improve processes and even change policies for the better.

But Facilitron’s support doesn’t end on the account side. It also extends to your community. In that sense, your customers are our customers and serving and supporting them are an important part of our shared mission and goal. Available literally 24 hours-a-day, we support you and your customers through multiple channels including phone, email, or live chat. Learn more about our account and customer support team.

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Our previous facilities software had minimal features and offered zero support. The Facilitron team makes it incredibly simple to utilize the platform effectively and achieve results. The ongoing staff support is huge for us because they help with everything.

Orin Williams, Assistant Superintendent of Facilities
Santa Ana Unified School District, Santa Ana, California

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