Implementation and Support

How it Works

Making the switch to a digital platform shouldn’t be burdensome. Yet every day, facility owners delay moving to a different system because of a reluctance to begin a new implementation process.

Getting started with Facilitron is markedly different. We take on the burden — it’s our investment in you so that the path to getting started, tracking data, and getting results are quick and easy.

Working with Facilitron is a partnership and it starts with our amazing implementation, account, and support teams. They’re the heroes at Facilitron and are with you every step of the way — getting your account up and running, training your staff, and supporting both you and your renters. From data transfers and drone photography to answering questions from you and your community members, you now have a partner to help you manage your facilities.

Implementation Timeline

Depending on the size of a district and how fast it wants to move, the implementation process can take as little as one month for a 100-campus district, or just weeks for a smaller district. These are the steps:


Kickoff Meeting

The process starts with a kickoff meeting with our amazing Implementation Team. They are responsible for creating your account and configuring it with all your schools and buildings, rates, requirements, services, and equipment. They're also responsible for setting up each facility’s general availability as well as all existing schedules and reservations. They create accounts for your current renters and set all the roles and permissions for your administrative team. Though we’ve worked with hundreds of public facility owners, we understand each community and school system is different. Our goals are to use our experience and combine it with your specific needs and current processes to get the best results for your admins and users. The kickoff meeting is usually a short call to discuss the overall onboarding process and all its major milestones.


Photos & Digital Facility Catalog

The next step in our implementation process is creating a digital catalog of all your facilities. We coordinate with you to schedule a time for our team to visit your campuses to acquire the photos that will be used in your digital facility catalog—including important information such as capacities, square footage, amenities, special requirements, and more. For large outdoor facilities and campuses, we bring drones to capture aerial photos that make your facilities look their best. For large indoor buildings such as gymnasiums or multi-purpose rooms, we have special 360 cameras that can capture a panoramic view of your larger facilities.


Calendar Syncronization

Once all properties are catalogued, we’ll ingest your current internal and external events into the Facilitron system, so your system is ready to go from day one. We create all renter accounts and configure all user's roles and permissions to allow the proper access for everyone from administrators to support staff such as custodians or maintenance. The result is a complete system with a consolidated calendar of all events across all facilities, filterable by campus, facility type, availability and more.


Site Reviews

After your account has been configured, our onboarding team will meet with your administrative lead to review the configuration as well as to follow up to make sure that all the reservations and requests from your current schedule are transferred into the new system—both internal and external events. We’ll work with you to determine which facilities you want to make available to the public and when they’re available for public use. We’ll assign fee schedules to each facility and assign rate categories to your renters so they get served their appropriate fee schedule for their type of group. Once we proof all the renter-side facility listings to ensure specifications, photos and search criteria are optimized, then we're ready for launch.


Staff Training

Once everything is configured and approved, we'll meet with your team as a group or through one-on-one sessions to ensure everyone is fully trained and knows how to operate the system. We’ll review how the community makes requests, how to review and approve those requests, and how to create and approve internal schedules. Web trainings can also be set up for anyone you add to the system or who missed initial training sessions. In addition, our support site is always available with training articles, videos, and FAQs, and our customer support team is available 24/7 after launch to ensure everyone is comfortable and things are running smoothly.


Go Live

Once your sites and systems are set up, we’ll take your system "Live!" The facilities you’ve made available to the public will be available in our Marketplace to be discovered and requested. We work closely with our partners, especially after launch, to make sure everything starts off smoothly. Facilitron handles invoicing, payments, refunds, proof of insurance, confirmation of nonprofit status, and customer support for renters, taking a great deal of burden off your day-to-day.


Facility Performance and Cost Analysis

During the partnership, Facilitron’s data experts will analyze facility usage, cost, renter satisfaction, and other metrics. After the first six months of activation, we provide a comprehensive real-data cost analysis to get the ultimate understanding of facility use and cost recovery. Our cost analysis and analytics report help you identify loss, improve efficiencies, and becomes the guide for discussions that can lead to new district policies.

Lifetime Support

It doesn’t stop there. A Facilitron partnership includes ongoing analysis and business insights that enable districts to create policies that have a major impact on the health and performance of schools and public facilities—all while creating a more open and transparent relationship between you and your communities. Public facilities provide critical infrastructure for communities to support programs that benefit both continuing education and the community.

Ongoing consultive services include:

  • Cost recovery analysis
  • Revenue projection anaysis
  • Policy recommendations
  • In-depth reporting analysis
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