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Del Sol Park (Covered Picnic Area)

at City of Oxnard - Public Works

1800 Camino Del Sol Oxnard CA 93030
About This Listing

Reservation Fees: $150.00 - Weekdays
$200.00 - Weekends/Holidays


Area must be completely cleaned and vacated no later than 30 minutes before DUSK. FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THIS RULE OR ANY OTHER RULES AND REGULATIONS WILL RESULT IN A REDUCTION OF THE SECURITY/CLEANING DEPOSIT. Reservation must be made two (2) working days prior to event date.

Rules & Regulations:
The person to whom this permit is issued shall be responsible for the general conduct of this group and for any damages in connection with this Reservation Form.
1. Abide by all City and State Laws.
2. The City of Oxnard is not responsible for accidents that may occur at Del Sol Park.
3. No one is permitted to charge admission, sell, solicit, or conduct any business in Del Sol Park.
4. No Alcohol Allowed. If alcohol is discovered the security will be forfeited. (City Ordinance 7-125 A).
5. Amplified sound (PA systems/DJs/Speakers) is not allowed in City parks (City Ordinance 16-476).
6. Vehicles are prohibited from driving or parking on Park turf or sidewalks (City Ordinance 8-25(A).
7. All trash must be put in trash receptacles.
8. A permit is required for the use of an inflatable jumper “jolly jumper” in a City park. (City Ordinance 11-282). No other equipment or apparatus is allowed without the written approval of the Parks Division. *3 Jolly Jump permits per park allowed - on a first come, first serve basis.
9. Non-compliance with the Park Rules and Regulations or providing false information may cause forfeiture of security/cleaning deposit
10. Reservation time is 8:00 a.m. to dusk.
11. Reservation can be rescheduled within a month of original reservation date (for reasons beyond our control). IF NOT rescheduling and 30 days' cancellation notice is given, $100.00 (weekdays reservation) or $150.00 (weekends &/or holidays reservation) refund will be given plus the security deposit. Anything less than 30 days notice, no refund given, except the security deposit.

The undersigned responsible party understands and agrees to abide by the Parks' Rules and Regulations. Non-compliance with the Parks Rules and Regulations or providing false information may cause forfeiture of Security/Cleaning Deposit. Payment must be received per specifications above or your reservation will be automatically cancelled.

BBQ Pits
Exercise Paths

Possible Uses:
  • Class
  • Workshop
  • Birthday Party
  • Corporate Event
  • Dining Event
  • Launch Party
  • Party (no alcohol)
  • Reception
Reservation Fees: $150.00 - Weekdays
$200.00 - Weekends/Holidays $50.00 - Security/Cleaning Deposit