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at Public Safety Training Complex (Allan Hancock)

One Hancock Drive Lompoc CA 93436
About This Listing

PROPANE AND WATER USAGE WILL BE CHARGED AND BILLED BY USE AFTER EVENT. The training tower is a six-story building with many configurable rooms that can be staged for a variety of training scenarios. Skills training can include high-rise, industrial, commercial, and residential activities. There are two computerized interior live fire burn props including a bedroom prop with rollover effect and a 60’-long hallway flash-over. Environmentally friendly artificial smoke can be pumped through the building. The nature of the burn rooms allow for the quick turn-around of training evolutions. Stairwells have standpipes and the structure includes an elevator shaft mockup, and a collapsed structure space. Moveable partitions create maze rooms.

Choose from the drop down how many sides of the tower you are interested in using.

Possible Uses:
  • Workshop
  • Other (meeting, class, etc.)