Klein Independent School District
Klein ISD has recently updated their board policy regarding facility rentals. To visit the district rental site for more information, click here.

A food permit is required for all reservations bringing in food from external vendors. For the food permit, click here

Are you looking to schedule a future facility use for Klein ISD? Here is the projected schedule when dates will be released: April 15 – Summer 2020 (June-July); July 1 – Aug-Dec 2020.
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Klein Independent School District will utilize a dynamic, guaranteed, and viable curriculum and provide every student with a rich, relevant, and clear pathway to success. We will focus on the whole student so that every student will “level up” and engage in rigorous learning and build excellent character. We will close gaps by personalizing learning by knowing every student by name, strength, and need. We will retain, attain, and grow excellent leaders throughout our system so that every student learns in a quality environment. We will gather feedback from every voice in order to eliminate silos, build strategic partnerships, and foster a culture of learning.