Klein Independent School District
Terms of Use

Klein Independent School District

The renter agrees to comply with all of the following terms and conditions in using any District facility:

1. Upon completion of this use, the renter will be responsible for restoring the facility to its condition prior to this use.

2. All rental requests are subject to campus approval pending personnel availability. The District may cancel a scheduled non-school use if an unexpected conflict arises with a District activity. 

3. The District may revoke its permission to use the facility at any time it is determined that a renter’s use damages or threatens to damage school property or violates Board policy and/or administrative regulations.

4. The renter will not allow the possession or use of alcohol, firearms, or illegal drugs, or the use of tobacco products, on District property.

5. The renter accepts full responsibility for protecting school property and equipment and assumes any and all liability for repairs or replacement or for any damage done to buildings, equipment, or other school property used by the renter.

6. The renter assumes full responsibility for the conduct of any and all persons using the facility during the rental.

7. The renter agrees to assume all liability and hold harmless and indemnify the District, its Trustees, employees, and agents from any and all liability arising out of the renter’s use of District facilities.

8. At the time of application, renter (non-campus based & commercial groups) shall provide District a Certificate of Insurance evidencing the following insurance coverages, showing District as additional insured: general liability insurance including products, completed operations, independent contractors & contractual liability coverages with aggregate, occurrence & personal injury limits of $1,000,000; fire damage limits of $500,000 & medical payment limits of $5,000. If renter’s employees will be on District facilities, Workers’ Compensation insurance is also required, with limits to comply with requirements of Texas Workers’ Compensation Act, & employers’ liability insurance with limits of $500,000. General liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance shall include Waiver of Subrogation clause in favor of the District. All policies shall contain an endorsement stating that the insurance company shall not terminate the policy or change any coverage therein prior to the policy expiration date without notifying the District, by registered mail, at least 30 days prior to such termination.  This agreement is considered a contract whenever any Certificate of Insurance provides Waive of Subrogation and Additional Insured coverages in favor of Klein ISD when “required by written contract”. Copies of Waiver and Additional Insured endorsements must be included.

9. At no time shall the facilities be used without the presence of a representative of the school district.

10. School equipment will not be removed from the premises.

11. The renter understands that a ten percent (10%) cancellation fee will be assessed for failing to show (any personnel costs incurred will be added to cancellation fee) or for any rental event cancelled with less than (5) five business days notice.

12. Materials distributed by organizations engaged in promoting a product or service shall have a written statement that the products or services are not sponsored or endorsed by the Klein Independent School District.

13. The renter is aware of the current Klein ISD Facility Rental Policy and by selecting the box below agrees to comply with the terms of this Agreement and Klein ISD policy.

For Use of Klein ISD Athletic Facilities

1. All persons entering the facility for business use must have a contract on file with Klein ISD Athletic office for the current year prior to facility use.

2. All outside facilities are closed to the public during school hours and when being used by a school sponsored group.

3. Using the facilities for business or organized activities without approval of the district is prohibited.  Please contact the Klein ISD Athletic Dept. for rental information. (832-249-4304)

4. The use of natural grass fields is prohibited without approval of the district.

5.  Pets are prohibited on all school grounds.

Upon facility use approval, all organizations are required to have with them their permit of facility use which can be obtained on your reservation.  For assistance or further information, please contact Facilitron directly at (800) 272-2962 Ext. 1.

Small Business & Individual Agreement and Waiver

Texas Statute (Texas Tort Claims Act 101.051) provides Klein I.S.D., its trustees and employees, tort immunity because of bodily injury or property damage resulting from the District’s premises or its operations.
I agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Klein Independent School District (KISD) for any injury sustained by myself, anyone working for me or damage to my property, occurring or alleged to have occurred in the course of, or as a result of, my activities while on KISD property, performing any and all duties as stated in the agreement.
I further agree to abide by all KISD policies and procedures and accepted guidelines pertaining to this project as well as all the KISD safety rules and regulations.
I understand that my workers and I are not employees of KISD and the KISD shall in no way be responsible for carrying group life and health insurance, workers’ compensation, or unemployment insurance for me or for providing any other benefits associated with full-time employment.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for following current CDC guidelines regarding my event as it relates to COVID-19. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/large-events/considerations-for-events-gatherings.html

I acknowledge that even if the reservation is approved, it is subject to cancellation in accordance with our terms and conditions, state and local guidelines, and at the discretion of Klein ISD.

(Athletic areas only) I acknowledge that I am responsible for following district guidelines for use of this athletic facility.