North Plains Elementary School
Community Users: In order to ensure our school based programs have priority scheduling, the Hillsboro School District does not approve rental requests from community users more than 2 months in advanced.

Community Users: Due to Bond construction involving most of our schools, and the shifting of staff and resources, the Hillsboro School District is closing all buildings/indoor use from community users from June 17 - September 3 2019.
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
North Plains Elementary School serves approximately 300 students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade. Like our district, we are rich in tradition and focused on excellence. We pride ourselves on the powerful partnership of our students, staff, parents, and community to produce the best and most well-rounded students who will continue to grow to be productive and positive contributors to our future.

We value diversity and community and reinforce this daily through acknowledgement and development of positive character traits which include, but are not limited to, honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, integrity, courage, patriotism and civic responsibility.

We are committed to providing a positive experience for each student. We work diligently to provide a safe and respectful environment where children can thrive. Each student is involved in setting challenging personal academic and behavioral goals, celebrating successes and establishing higher goals upon successful completion. Every one of our talented and dedicated staff members is relentless in the pursuit of ensuring the success of each and every student.