Mansfield ISD
4/4/20 UPDATE: MISD at this time is strictly limiting the usage of District facilities in compliance with Governor Abbott’s April 17, 2020 Executive Order, to teachers and staff for purposes of conducting remote video instruction and administrative duties. In conformity with guidance received from our legal counsel, we reasonably anticipate that any non-school usage of District facilities at this time is likely to conflict with school use so as to not be permissible pursuant to District Board Policy GKD(LOCAL). We understand and empathize with the frustration these restrictions impose and look forward to returning to normal school operations, which will include the use of District facilities by outside organizations as soon as possible.

Fees already paid will be applied to your account balance. Feel free to contact Facilitron Support at 1-800-272-2962 ext. 1 if you have further questions regarding your account.

If interested in scheduling a BUILDING TOUR within Mansfield ISD, please contact: & for assistance - NOTE: If your facility use request requires flexible payment / invoice options, please submit a comment in your reservation for District Review
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