Mansfield ISD
Terms of Use

Mansfield ISD Facilities & Operations

203 Hillcrest St., Mansfield, TX  76063

(817) 299-4343 Fax (817) 473-5737


All facility use should be registered using the online reservation system:


All events require a request for use to be submitted at least 14 days in advance from event date. Cancellation by the Renting Organization requires 72 hours prior notice. Scheduling after hours (before 7 a.m.; after 4:00 p.m.) will require payment of related overtime expense not to exceed $50 per occurrence.


Any public group that desires to use of a MISD facility must be submitted through the online system. Once reviewed by the building Principal for preliminary approval AND obtain final approval by the Facilities Department, the principal will complete an event notification form and submit it to the facilities office at least 72 hours in advance. Air conditioning will not be provided without an approved event notification.


Heating & Air Conditioning Needs

MISD is committed to providing climate control to all district buildings during regular school hours. At the end of the school day, all computer-controlled systems (heat, A/C, lights, etc) revert to an unoccupied mode in order to conserve energy and keep our utilities costs as low as possible. If a site has a school related event after-hours, they will need to submit an Event Notification form to assure that necessary environmental controls are activated.


Service Requests

The Mansfield I.S.D. Facilities Department is dedicated to providing IMMEDIATE service in the event of a true emergency. Sites are expected to do all they can to help themselves whenever possible.


An emergency number (817-299-6000) is manned by District personnel 24 hours per day, year-round.


Examples of situations that constitute an emergency are:

•             Broken water lines

•             Fire or smoke in the building

•             No heat in sub-freezing weather

•             Broken exterior windows or doors


Examples of some things that are not an emergency are:

•             No air conditioning for events that are not school related

•             Graffiti

•             Broken locks on interior doors

•             Missing irrigation heads (irrigation only runs for a few minutes, then shuts off automatically)

•             Alarm systems that will not rest (both fire and security) should be reported to the MISD Police Department at 817-299-6000. The MISD Police Department maintains, fire alarms, security alarms, and security cameras.


Custodial Operations

Each school site has its own custodial staff. The number of custodial workers at each site is determined by a formula that takes into consideration the size of the building and cleaning density. The district maintains a staff of approximately 319 custodians in order to maintain the districts 6.3 million square feet of space. Night supervisors oversee evening custodial operations at all sites.


A typical cleaning schedule is as follows:

•             Offices are cleaned daily

•             Common areas and restrooms are cleaned and supplied daily

•             Trash is emptied every day

•             Corridors are buffed, stripped, and refinished as needed

•             Floor finishing and carpet cleaning is done on an as needed basis


Additional custodial time for special events and weekend activities may be provided to sites upon request. Groups and organizations will be charged for after hours custodial support. If sites have questions concerning custodial services, they should contact the Assistant Director of Custodial Operations at 817-299-4351.


Keys & Locks

All unoccupied offices and classrooms will be locked. Custodians may not have keys to all rooms, especially security-sensitive spaces. If you are locked out of a space, you will need to contact the site's building principal or the MISD Police Department for assistance in gaining entry. To obtain new keys or to replace lost keys, a written key request must be approved by the site's building principal. All requests for keys should be sent to Facilities Maintenance via the work order system.


Grounds Maintenance

The MISD has approximately 843 acres of grounds that are maintained by our Grounds Department. Crews and outside contractors perform all district specified landscaping duties such as: planting, mowing, trimming, fertilization, pest control and athletic field maintenance and field markings. Self-help projects such as the creation of nature trails, vegetable gardens, flower beds, walking paths and so on must receive the written approval of the Executive Director of Facilities and Operations before the project is started. Once implemented, failure to properly maintain the project by the campus will result in the area being returned to its original state. Cleaning and repair of district’s roadways, walks, and parking lots, as well as the removal of storm drain debris are other services provided by our Grounds Department.

If you have a question about grounds maintenance, contact the Facilities Maintenance Grounds Supervisor.


MISD is committed to providing a safe environment for our visitors. We have implemented a Public Access Defibrillation program in our facilities. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) have been placed in all our facilities. An AED is located in the main hall of each school near the office, and in larger buildings, there is directional signage for additional AED locations. Please be advised that trained staff is not available to assist you in the event of an emergency. However, if you are CPR certified and feel you can effectively use the AED, please feel free to do so.


*Multiple space discount: when renting two spaces at the same facility, the custodial and on-site

supervisor cost will be subtracted from the lesser of the two rental fees.


*Rental fees include rental, energy fees, custodial fees, and on-site supervisor where applicable. If police are required by the district an additional cost will be charged. 


*Additional fees may be required for events that exceed the purpose and function of the facility or property