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Frank Church High School was officially dedicated on Friday, October 24, 2008. Boise School District officials, students, parents, relatives of the late U.S. Senator Frank Church, architects, engineers, and construction company representatives gathered for the formal dedication ceremony at the site of the school, 8051 W. Salt Creek Court, Boise.

Construction of Frank Church High School was made possible due to the overwhelming support by voters of the 94 million dollar bond to consolidate, renovate and rebuild a number of schools. The successful bond made construction of a number of schools possible, including construction of Frank Church High School. In March of 2006 voters passed the bond with 70.45% of the yes vote.

During the Frank Church High School dedication ceremony, then Boise School Board Trustee Rory Jones shared some highlights about Senator Church’s remarkable life. “His life stands as a testament to what an individual can do given the support, given the courage and given the passion to succeed,” said Trustee Jones. “Senator Frank Church had the courage to stand-up for his beliefs when others were holding firm on their opposite views. Today, Senator Church’s life serves as a great lesson for students in courage, commitment and valor.”