Boise School District
Our leasing calendars will open on August 2nd for events dated September 7, 2021, through June 30, 2022. At that time, we will comply with the guidelines set forth by the CDC, Central District Health, and the Boise School District Trustees. Therefore by agreeing to lease our space, groups will follow all guidelines about personal protective equipment regardless of their vaccination status, physical distancing, and handwashing/sanitizing. Groups, in particular, should make sure to: Require masks for all participants. Bring hand sanitizer and have participants use it at the beginning of gatherings. Minimize the sharing of materials.
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
The east side of Boise grew in the late 1940's and into the 1950's. Vacant lots were filled with houses and the foothills were being developed into home sites. The Idaho State Penitentiary was moved south of Gowen Field on Pleasant Valley Road. The old State Penitentiary at the east end of Warm Springs Avenue was turned into a Museum and Botanical Garden. Housing that was once prohibited because of its proximity to the prison was now approved.

East Junior High was constructed in 1953 to relieve crowding at Boise Junior High (North). East was constructed on the old Public School Field grounds on Warm Springs Avenue. Since its beginning in 1953, it has had several additions. In 1972, an industrial arts building was added to the school, and in 1973 three portables were put in place. In 1974, dressing rooms and a gym annex were added to the building.

In the in the fall of 2009, East Junior High moved to its current location. The old property has been transformed back into an Athletic Complex, called Dona Larson Park, by Boise State University. The Boise Schools will use the new Athletic Complex for high school football and for larger track and field meets. It will also be the home site of the BSU Softball and Track and Field Teams.