Poway Unified School District
Availability Update: PUSD is opening field usage on 6/12/20 with a few restrictions. For final approval to be granted, each organization will have to have a signed waiver before they will be approved.
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Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Coming to Del Norte should feel like coming HOME. From the very beginning, we have intentionally attempted to create an environment where every person walking onto this campus feels welcomed. Additionally, we want every student to feel safe and supported. We believe when every student is safe, we're all free to SOAR. We strongly encourage our students to pursue leadership opportunities - playing a sport, joining one of over 100 clubs on campus, performing in choir, improv, or theater, writing for a school publication, producing videos, performing community service projects, etc. High school is a verb - and the people who enjoy their 2,000,000 minutes the most get actively involved in the life of this school. We actively encourage INCLUSION - open circles and open hearts. There is no place for cliques at DNHS.

We offer a full array of Advanced Placement Classes - students have 19 options in 2015-16. We encourage every student to take at least one AP level course prior to graduation. With few exceptions, the UC/CSU a-g required courses comprise the default curriculum for students attending Del Norte. We are still developing CTE (Career Technical Education) course pathways. Presently we offer several exciting classes in science (HBS and PBS), digital arts, and engineering. The trimester system allows students maximum flexibility as they create their four-year academic plans. Students can take as many as five classes in a single trimester, or as few as three in some cases (seniors only).

Every student is assigned to a homeroom staff advisor in addition to their counselor.