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Yolo County Office of Education
YCOE's Conference center consists of a Lab, Catering Kitchen, Restrooms, Parking lot, and the option to rent (4) rooms that can be booked individually or combined.
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Yolo County Office of Education was established in 1850, Yolo County became one of the original twenty-seven counties in California. In 1852, the role of the County Superintendent was initially defined by the state legislature as an add-on function to the office of County Assessor. From 1852 to 1878, the chief fiscal officer in Yolo County was officially titled “Assessor and Superintendent of Schools.”

In recent decades, the responsibilities of the County Superintendent have continued to grow. In 1992 a state law designed to help ensure the financial solvency of schools required county offices to monitor district finances and added new responsibilities to the County Office’s Business Services departments. In 2013, California enacted a new school funding formula model, known as the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), and an accountability program called Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). These new enactments expanded the local monitoring responsibilities of all 58 county offices of education.

Today, the Yolo County Office of Education operates under the direction of Garth Lewis who became Yolo County Superintendent of Schools on January 7, 2019.