South Brunswick High School
Welcome! Availability for the 2019-20 school year is now open. Please email or call (800) 272-2962 x1 for customer support if you have questions about submitting a request. There is a pay later option for those who have questions about rates and you can add comments for review upon submitting your request. District & school staff will have their accounts made by Facilitron. IMPORTANT - FIRE PERMIT: Renters are responsible for obtaining a fire permit based on South Brunswick Township requirements. Fire permits may be issued up to the day before your event. They must be uploaded into your Facilitron reservation prior to your event or it is subject to cancellation. Visit prior to use of facilities for next steps. Thank you!
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
The South Brunswick High School Community values academic

excellence, diversity, and a safe learning environment. The school

empowers students to develop skills and character as they explore

their talents and interests in order to become informed citizens

and leaders in the global community.