South Brunswick High School
Terms of Use

Upon submitting this request, I acknowledge the following: 
1) Facility rates and services rates invoiced based on the renter's request. Facilities or services will not be removed post-event if they are not utilized. Comment in the reservation or contact Facilitron at least 7 days in advance to remove facilities at no charge. Day-of additions are subject to district approval. Additional services fees may be applied if custodial services beyond common practice.
2) Starting September 1, 2019, facility use fees are subject to change. Fees will be determined by the South Brunswick Board of Education. 

Facilities Use Application Requirements and Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations for the Use of Facilities

1. Application forms are available at the Board of Education Administration Building and the Schools' Main Office.

2. All forms are to be submitted to the building where the activity will be conducted, and receive the building principals or his designee's signature.

3. Once completed the form will be sent to the Board of Education, Administration Building for logging and bookkeeping. A $200 deposit must accompany each application by Groups III & IV. This will be deducted from the final billing.

4. All checks for rental must be paid prior to occupying the facility.

5. All checks are to be made payable to the South Brunswick Board of Education.

6. Refuse is to be placed in the proper containers for disposal or recycling.

7. The Board of Education will provide containers and see to their disposal, the group will be

responsible for the proper use of the containers. Failure to use the containers properly may require a man-hour fee to separate and dispose of refuse.

8. Tables, public address, and microphones may be available upon prior notice, and there may be a fee for the set up and use during an activity.

9. Audio/Visual Equipment and Personnel will be available, if requested. Stage and spotlighting

require the services of experienced school personnel and a fee will be assessed for this service.

10. Adult supervision is required for youth programs and no children or child is to be left unattended. It will be the responsibility of the supervisor in charge of the activity to see to the needs of the children, and their getting home.

11. All organizations using the facility must provide a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance while they are using the facility, and must name the South Brunswick Board of Education as additionally insured on the certificate of insurance.

12. Any and all permits required by the township for events are to be obtained by those in charge of the event and paying the rental fee. A schedule of fees will be provided at the time the request is made for that service.

13. No food or beverages are permitted in the gyms, and/or auditoriums.

14. Smoking is prohibited both in school district facilities and on school grounds.

15. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in school district facilities and on school grounds.

16. Damages to the facilities will be the sole responsibility of the lessee. Repairs will be overseen by the Director of Buildings, Grounds, and Transportation, and all bills for said repairs will be made part of the final invoice.

17. Failure to respond to any of the rules and regulations set forth will be considered just cause to suspend the use of the facility, and refusal to permit use at a later date.

18. All organizations using said facilities must provide documentation on royalty payments for copyrighted material.

19. Liability insurance must be provided to include the Board of Education as additional insured, and provide compensation to any paid employees.

20. All necessary fire and occupant permits for the activity are the responsibility of the users.


Generally, school facilities may be used for other than school purposes when such use will not interrupt or interfere with the programs of the school district. In the event of any dispute or controversy regarding the true interpretation or meaning of anything contained in the policy relating to school-community relations, the judgment of the Board of Education concerning such controversy or dispute shall be final.


The requirements of the school program shall receive prior consideration in the assignment of school facilities. Use by school related organizations shall have priority over organizations not school related. Approved youth groups shall receive priority consideration over adult groups.

For regular meetings or other activities open to the general public for which there is no admission charged or any contribution solicited, free use of the school buildings and facilities may be granted to such as, but not limited to: Parent Teacher Organizations, Scout Organizations, 4-H clubs, County Board of Elections for General and Primary Elections as covered by statute. The township committee or any other groups under the jurisdiction of the Township Committee may meet as arranged in the evenings in any school where there is a night custodian. Any organization financed and/or sponsored in whole or in part by either the Board of Education or the Township Committee shall be entitled to free use of school facilities in accordance with rules and regulations governing their use; whether admission is or is not charged. These organizations shall, however, be responsible for payment of custodial fees only where this is called for by said rules and regulations. The recreation commission may use school facilities upon presentation of their season's program to the administration insomuch as this program fits into the school program and its use of the school facilities. Service organizations as determined by the Board of Education shall submit applications for use of the

facilities on a no fee basis, or a minimum charge for Custodial Services. Such organizations may include, but not limited to South Brunswick Women’s Club, The Lion’s Club, The NAACP, Rotary Club, Education Foundation, American Cancer Society, Boy & Girl Scouts and the YMCA.

Non-service organizations as determined by the Board of Education shall pay fees associated with the cost to operate the facilities, clean the facilities, and secure the facilities once the activity and its participants have left. Performing Arts groups, Private Clubs, Religious or Cultural Organizations, Adult Civic Groups, and any group that charges admission or a donation for the activity they conduct, may apply for use of the facilities and be charged the prevailing rental and custodial fees.



The written application procedure as provided in the office of the Board of Education shall be followed for the use of the school buildings and facilities. The application shall be submitted to the school location not less than two weeks prior to the date requested.

All organizations requesting the use of school facilities for regular meeting shall submit for the approval of the Board Secretary a complete schedule of dates, schools, and times.

Generally, school buildings shall be made available between the hours of the closing of school and 10:00 p.m. unless other arrangements have been made along with the associated fees for rental and custodial man-hours. No buildings shall be available on Sunday without the express authorization of the Secretary of the Board of Education. Sunday use of facilities will be limited to those groups who have approval prior to July 1, 2010 and have been grandfathered. Future Sunday usage will only be approved for school groups after July 1, 2010 and where absolutely necessary.

A permit is not transferable. Forty-Eight hours notice must be given to the Secretary of the Board of Education in order to cancel a request for school use or the deposit may be forfeited.

In the event a user group does not show up for their scheduled time and without prior notification, a 2 hour minimum custodial charge will be apply.


The renter or user, other than school-related groups or organizations, MUST furnish with the application for Use of School Facilities a certificate of liability insurance in an amount not less that $1,000,000.00 for each occurrence, covering the entire period when the school facility will be in use, and naming the South Brunswick Board of Education as additional insured. The South Brunswick Board of Education must be named as additionally insured on the certificate. (Failure to provide this certificate as described above will result in the application being declined) The Certificate of Insurance must be issued by a company known and accepted by the South Brunswick Board of Education.

When the user is to be billed, the Custodian on duty at the facility shall require completion of the Use of School Facilities Report by an organization representative confirming use of the facility.

Upon receipt of billing, the group or association involved shall make the specified payment in check or money order to: South Brunswick Township Board of Education. All payments due to school employees for services shall be made by the Board of Education.

All meetings of organizations who are not free users of the school facilities, and any activity for which an admission charge or contributions is solicited shall be subject to the appropriate fee as listed on the Application for Use of School Facilities. Religious groups which use the school facilities shall be charged the fee as indicated on the Application. Care must be exercised in providing for statutory separation of church and state.


When school facilities are being used at times when school is not in session, a Fire Safety Permit may be required. If so, an Application for the Fire Safety Permit shall be furnished to the user by the Board of Education for submission to the Township Fire Official. The Fire Safety Use Permit shall be on file in the Board of Education Offices.


When the kitchen and/or cafeteria facilities are to be used for the consumption of food or beverages, the Board Secretary shall notify the food management company of such use.

Organizations using the cafeteria and snack shacks will be required to staff the area with the appropriate food service staff (Chartwells) and pay the agreed upon rate for the hours needed.





1. The renter or user shall be responsible for the conduct and discipline of the patrons. There shall be a minimum of one adult 21 years of age or older for every ten persons under the age of 18 in the building at all times.

2. The school buildings and facilities shall be left in the same condition in which they were found.

3. The applicant using the school building and facilities shall be held responsible for all damages which are caused by or result from its activity and shall make reparation to the Board of Education for the full amount of any and all such damages. The renter shall reimburse the Board of Education for any damages within 30 days.

4. Consumption of intoxicating beverages in any form or mixture shall not be permitted on school premises, nor shall any person possessing same be allowed on said premises.

5. Use of school buildings and facilities shall be restricted to the room or other areas specified in the application.

6. Users shall not use any school equipment without the permission of the Principal of the building.

7. The conduct of amusement games will not be permitted in any school building or on any school premises unless such games are granted a license by the Legalized Games of Chance Commission under NJSA 5:8-6.1

8. The Board of Education assumes no responsibility for bodily injury or for damage to or loss of any personal property.

9. The Board of Education reserves the right to take any action necessary to preserve order or to protect the property and facilities within its jurisdiction at the expense of the offender.

10. A member of the custodial staff of the school being used shall be on the premises one- half hour before the scheduled time of use and shall remain on the premises until all persons have vacated the building and the facilities are in order.

11. There shall be no seating of overflow crowds in aisles or temporary chairs.

12. No changes are to be made in the arrangements of school furniture or stage equipment without permission of the school principal. The organization for which such property is moved shall be responsible for moving it back in its original position before the beginning of the next school day.

13. Any alterations or additions to existing electrical installations must be approved by the Director of Buildings, Grounds, and Transportation.

14. Special permission must be obtained for decorating, installing scenery and tuning pianos.

15. Scenery, decoration, or equipment provided by the holder of the permit must be removed from the school building promptly after the performance or activity so as not to interfere with school activities. If there is a delay, the removal may be made by the Board of Education at the expense of the holder of the permit.

16. Smoking shall not be permitted in accordance with current Board of Education Policy in anyschool facility or on school grounds. Federal, State, County, and Municipal Laws, rules and regulations will be strictly enforced by the agency having jurisdiction.