Maury County Public Schools
UPDATED (4/27/21): Due to the uncertainty of COVID, at this time we are not accepting reservations beyond June 30, 2021. We will open our calendar in mid-May for reservations beginning July through the remainder of the calendar year. A notification will be emailed to renters once the calendar is opened up. A mandatory cleaning fee of $100.00 per day will be applied to all reservations or renters will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the areas used. This responsibility includes cleaning and sanitizing all areas used including restrooms, all hard surfaces, or any areas used/touched by your participants. If not cleaned properly, future use will subject to cancellation.

NOTE: Pre-payment is not required to submit an application. You may select "Pay by Mail" on the final application page as an alternative to “Pay Later”. Upon final district approval, payment will be requested if fees are applied.
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Maury County Public Schools (MCPS) is a pre-K through 12 school district in Southern Middle Tennessee operating 20 schools, one non-traditional high school and one alternative school. MCPS employs more than 900 teachers and 500 staff members who serve nearly 13,000 students. We are guided by the community-formed Keys to College & Career Readiness. Our mission: We will provide the educational instruction, tools, and environment for every child to succeed in LIFE as Life-long Learners, Independent Thinkers, Fearless Innovators and Exemplary Citizens. Our vision: Educating every child for LIFE!