Maury County Public Schools
UPDATED (6/5): MCPS will resume hosting approved facility use starting on Sunday, June 14. Comment in the reservation if you will not be moving forward with any currently approved dates. Please note: The mandatory COVID cleaning fee of $250.00 per day has been removed from all non-school indoor facility use. Renters will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the areas used or can opt for $100.00 cleaning fee. This responsibility includes cleaning and sanitizing all areas used including restrooms, all hard surfaces, or any areas used/touched by your participants. If not cleaned properly, future use will subject to cancellation.

FUTURE REQUESTS may be submitted for the 2020-21 school year at this time. Facility use is subject to change based on district and school programming and district guidelines for facility use. PAY BY MAIL option can be used upon check-out as an alternative to PAY LATER upon check-out.

NOTE: Pre-payment is not required to submit an application. You may select "Pay Later" on the final application page. Upon final district approval, payment will be requested if fees are applied.
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Hampshire Unit School is an academically superior agricultural science school serving about 400 students grades K-12. Our faculty is highly trained in administering curriculum using the Project-Based Learning model which provides students with opportunities to create solutions to real world problems in a hands-on learning environment. Our curriculum is aided by the expert implementation of state of the art technology. Coming soon, we will be providing each student with their own computer to fully personalize their learning!