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Memphis Shelby County Schools
Please be advised payment (25% or full) does not ensure reservation approval, and that you must receive a Facilitron email confirming Memphis Shelby County Schools approval to proceed with your event.

Important! The applicant/organization must be deemed an IRS 501 C-3 or non-profit organization (as appropriate) to apply for facility use per district policy. Also note: Per District Policy 7002 the following are parameters for the time, place, and manner of activities:

The activity does not unduly disrupt traffic, either vehicular or pedestrian. The activity does not create unreasonable safety risks. The activity does not use unauthorized sound amplification equipment or create unreasonable noise disruption. No event may exceed 8 hours in length in a 24 hour period. The location will be left in its original condition at the conclusion of the event, and reasonable charges or deposits may be imposed to enforce this requirement. Expression that is obscene, defamatory, or consists of fighting words, threats of physical harm, insightful of imminent lawless action or otherwise not entitled to protection as expression is not permitted.
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Wooddale High is a safe school that equips, engages, and empowers all students to become productive citizens in a global society. We lead in the areas of STEM (Aerospace/Aviation) and Hospitality Tourism by competing in state and national tournaments. Wooddale High is the educational beacon for Southeast Memphis/Parkway Village that guides all students to post-secondary school options that will qualify them for the career they choose upon graduation.