Poway Unified School District
Availability Update: PUSD is opening field usage on 6/12/20 with a few restrictions. For final approval to be granted, each organization will have to have a signed waiver before they will be approved.
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Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Westview was established in August 2002 with a freshman and sophomore student body. A comprehensive, four-year secondary school, Westview operates on a “4 x 4” block schedule in which students attend three or four classes each day. Each class meets an average of 82 minutes per day. There are two 18-week terms, which are divided into four 9-week quarters. Three days each week, students attend a 15-minute homeroom period, and two days each week students may attend a 28-minute tutorial period. Upon graduation, students who enter as freshmen can earn 320 credits over four years. In order to earn credits in a class, students must first pass the State and district standards identified for the class. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors are required to carry 60 credits per year. The “4 x 4” block schedule allows Westview students to enroll in a wide array of academic and elective courses.

Westview is a thriving learning community to which all members feel connected. At Westview, high academic and personal standards are established, accessed and achieved by all members through collaboration, meaningful activities, and ongoing, comprehensive evaluation. The culture of Westview is one of respectful communication and interdependence while still celebrating the uniqueness of the individual.