Douglas County Central Office
Douglas County School System:

After consulting with health agencies and leaders in the Douglas County School System, we will close all schools and school system offices beginning Monday, March 16 through Friday, April 24.

We realize that closing schools will place a hardship on many families, but we feel we must make a decision based on the health and wellbeing of our students, their families, our school system employees and our community. We are hopeful that the closure of schools will contain the spread of coronavirus. Thank you for your understanding.


On March 26, Governor Kemp ordered all public schools to remain closed through April 24. We will continue with digital learning until that time with a tentative return date of April 27. The changing nature of the guidance surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic means that the return date is our best estimate but could be revised as needed. Please continue to monitor the School Closure page which is updated daily. We appreciate the support of our parents and community during this unprecedented public health crisis.
Trent North, Superintendent

Estimados Padres, Es muy posible que ya hayan escuchado al gobernador Kemp ordenar que todas las escuelas públicas permanezcan cerradas hasta el 24 de abril. Nosotros continuaremos con el aprendizaje digital hasta la fecha mencionada, teniendo el 27 de abril como fecha tentativa de regreso. La naturaleza de los cambios en las ordenanzas concerniente a la pandemia COVID-19 nos indica que la nueva fecha es el mejor estimado de regreso. Sin embargo, esto pueda cambiar, según sea necesario. Por favor continúe monitoreando la página School Closure, la cual contiene actualizaciones diarias.
Trent North, Superintendente
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Community Spaces for All Your Activities
At Winston Elementary School the staff is committed to providing experiences that will prepare students through learning today for living in our constantly changing world. Through the involvement of home, school, and community, students will experience opportunities that promote individual growth and respect for self and others in a safe and caring environment.

Our vision is to build a community of lifelong learners that become responsible individuals, independent thinkers, and productive citizens.