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Learn more about the Facilitron marketplace and how Facilitron helps public and private facility operators track facility use and maintenance tasks, and manage their facility rental business. These videos include real-life customer testimonials, overviews of implementation processes and the benefits of Facilitron’s facility management partnership.

Facilitron Overview

Facilitron offers billions of square feet of gyms, fields, classrooms, auditoriums and more through our public spaces marketplace. And for facility owners and operators, Facilitron manages event schedules and requests, maintenance tasks and your entire rental business, all in one place.

Facilitron—Scheduling & Reservation Platform

Learn how Facilitron can help school districts manage both internal facility use and community requests in one place and with no out-of-pocket costs.

Facilitron Overview—Data-Driven Facility Use Program

See how school districts can transform the way they schedule, manage and rent their facilities in this overview.

Renter Get Started—Making a Reservation Request

Learn how renters easily place requests to use public spaces with this overview of the rental request process.

Facilitron Testimonials: Todd Amiet

South Brunswick's Director of Facilities Todd Amiet talks about how Facilitron helps school districts manage facilities.

Welcome Video—San Antonio ISD

Videos like this welcome and explain your organization's partnership with Facilitron.

Launching with Facilitron

Learn about Facilitron's implementation process with this Q&A with Head of Implementation Jared Wagman.

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Learn why thousands of schools and facility owners have chosen Facilitron for their facility management and event scheduling platform.