Poway Unified School District
Availability Update: PUSD is opening field usage on 6/12/20 with a few restrictions. For final approval to be granted, each organization will have to have a signed waiver before they will be approved.
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Valley's mission reflects that of the Poway Unified School District: to build college-readiness for all students through a rigorous, engaging, standards-based curriculum. Traditionally, discussions of college-readiness have been confined to high schools. At Valley, we believe that the awareness of post-secondary opportunities must be built from the first day students enter school. Beginning in kindergarten Valley teachers instill in their students the understanding that "after high school comes college." Classes adopt a university of their own and display college-related banners, t-shirts and other visuals to bring the presence of the university right into our elementary school classrooms. But college-readiness is more than just knowing about college. It is most important to receive highquality instruction that ensures mastery of the standards proscribed by the State in the Frameworks for Public Instruction. To provide a strong, coherent instructional program for all our students, teachers work together both within and across grade levels to coordinate curriculum, track student achievement data, and plan together for the success of each Valley student.