Urban Soccer Park San Rafael

We have a specific instructions for booking parties. Please follow the 2 steps below to ensure your party request is submitted properly.

STEP 1 Know which Party Option you would like:

Bronze ($200.00)- Up to 16 kids, party host/coach that leads age/skill appropriate soccer games on one (1) field for one (1) hour.

Silver ($250.00) MOST POPULAR- Up to 16 kids, party host/coach that leads age/skill appropriate soccer games on one (1) field for one and a half (1.5) hours.

Gold ($400.00)- Up to 30 kids, two (2) party hosts/coaches that lead age/skill appropriate soccer games on two (2) fields for up to one and a half (1.5) hours.

All of our parties include 30 minutes of OFF-THE-FIELD time for cake, pizza, or however you would like to gather and finish celebrating the birthday after playing on the field. You may bring in your own food and drink, provided it is not messy. We have tables, countertop space, benches and bleachers in our party space. Pizza may be ordered on site from Villa York Pizza- only a 20 minute lead time is required. You will need to provide your own utensils/cups/napkins.

STEP 2 Use our Calendar Widget to find an available date and time for the required FIELD TIME for your party. For example, if you would like to book a Silver Party, you would need to book either Canal District field or Mount Tam field for 1.5 hours. For a Gold Party, you would need to book both Canal District and Mount Tam field for 1.5 hours for the same date and time. Both fields are at the same location (88 Vivian Street) and are identical in size.

As you go through the checkout process, you will also need to checkbox “yes” in response to the question “Does you reservation require a Party Host/Coach?” so that we make sure to staff a team member for your party.
San Rafael, CA
The Urban Soccer Park is a highly-efficient, community-building, turnkey and highly-durable small-sided soccer park, perfect for many environments.

Our German-engineered park is made from highest quality, most durable materials available in the game today. The boards, the turf, the nets, the lights, the scoreboard, the lockers. Everything has been designed with great detail and craftsmanship to meet your needs, your space and your goals.

For too long, the growth of soccer in the U.S. has been hamstrung by limited real estate, low participation rates and sub-standard facilities. Our mission is to solve that by making soccer fun again, creating an experience in your community that is guaranteed to thrive.