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Newark Board of Education
IMPORTANT: Please refer to the Newark Board of Education website for current information regarding COVID-19 district response. Facility use will be suspended until further notice. Facility use impacted will be placed in suspend status in Facilitron and fees paid will be applied to the renter's account balance.

Facility use requests are estimates. Services assigned to facility use are not subject to reduction by the renter. Full payment must be received 14 days prior to use or the facility use may be declined per district policy.
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
University High School has historically been synonymous with academic excellence within the city of Newark and beyond. Our goal is to regain the heights for which we were honored and respected throughout the district. To rise again, we will foster within our walls a community of leaders that will hold themselves responsible for their actions and affect a sea of change within our school family that will help transform the city. Our core values of responsibility, integrity, service, and excellence (R.I.S.E) will be consistently practiced, pursued and pervasive throughout the University High School family. Our school symbol, the Phoenix is a mythical bird that defies the expectations of the natural world by rising from its own ashes to soar to greater heights. With a renewed sense of purpose, we will work hard to turn mythology into reality at “The” University High School of Newark, New Jersey.