Marvin Wright Elementary School
Terms of Use



When not in use for school purposes, school buildings and grounds or portions thereof may be used for public, governmental, charitable, civic, recreational, cultural, and other purposes as approved by the Board.


Persons, agencies and/or organizations seeking use of school facilities and grounds shall present proof of liability insurance. Additionally, the Executive Committee of the Board may require that the person,agency and/or organization add the Maury County Board of Education to the policy as an additional insured prior to date of the requested use.


1. Requests for the use of a school's facilities shall be made at the office of the principal;

2. Student clubs and activities, parent-teacher associations, and other organizations affiliated with the schools shall be permitted use of school facilities without charge;

3. School facilities may not be used for private profit, except that unused facilities may be leased for private day-care centers which provide educational and child care services to the community;

4. All activities must be under adult supervision and approved by the building principal. If deemed necessary, the principal may assign a school employee to be present. The group using the facilities will be responsible for any damage to the building or equipment;

5. Groups receiving permission for building use are restricted to the dates and hours approved and to the building area and facilities indicated, unless requested changes are approved by the principal;

6. Groups receiving permission for building use are responsible for the observance of all fire and safety regulations at all times;

7. The use of alcoholic beverages, drugs or tobacco, profane language, or gambling in any form is not permitted in school buildings;

8. During emergencies or disasters, the Board will cooperate with recognized agencies, such as the Red Cross, National Guard and Civil Defense to make suitable facilities available without charge;

9. When school kitchens are used, at least one member of the cafeteria staff must be present to supervise the use of equipment;

10. The Board will approve and periodically review a fee schedule for the use of school facilities by community or civic organizations and other non-profit groups.

11. All use agreements shall be reviewed at the end of each year by the Board.

12. The superintendent of schools shall develop procedures and forms to effectively implement this policy.

I understand a mandatory cleaning fee has been applied to all external daily facility uses. This helps to ensure the campus remains safe for our students, staff and community. The fee will continue to be reviewed based on current health and safety guidelines as evaluated by the district.