Greenfield Union School District
Vista Verde Middle School
Terms of Use


The Greenfield Union School District requires that all users of district facilities shall insure against liability arising from their operations at or in district facilities. A Certificate of Insurance or Hold-Harmless Agreement must accompany this application.
  1. REQUIRED CERTIFICATION:The undersigned agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Greenfield Union School District, its Board of Trustees, agents and employees, individually and collectively, from any and all losses, and against all costs, claims, actions, and judgments arising from personal injuries, property damage or otherwise, however, caused that may arise from or be alleged to be caused by undersigned’s use or occupancy of District academic and/or athletic fields, rooms, facilities, furniture, or equipment. The undersigned further agrees to provide a Certificate of Liability coverage satisfactory to the District.
  2. STATEMENT OF INFORMATION: The undersigned states that to the best of his/her knowledge, the school property for use of which application is hereby made will not be used for the commission of any act intended to further any program or movement the purpose of which is to accomplish the overflow of the government of the United States by force, violence, or other unlawful means that ledge, it is not a communist-action organization or communist-front organization required by law to be registered with the Attorney General of the United States. This statement is made under the penalties or perjury. He/she further declares under penalty of perjury that the school property for use of which application is hereby made will not knowingly be used for the commission of any illegal act and that to the best of his/her knowledge the purpose for which the application is hereby made for the use of such property is a legal one.
  3. A security deposit of $250.00 and the agreed upon estimate of charges will be paid at the District Office located at 493 El Camino Real, Greenfield, CA 93927 at least three (3) working days before the event. Failure to comply will be cause for revocation of rental agreement.