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Rules & Regulations


The School District shall make school facilities and grounds under the jurisdiction available as a “civic  center” to the citizens and community groups subject to district policies and regulations for the following  purposes: (E.C. 38131) 


1. Public, scientific, recreational, educational, or public agency meetings. 

2. The discussion of matters of general or public interest. 

3. The conduct of religious services for temporary periods, on a one-time or renewable basis, by any  church or religious organization, which has no suitable meeting place for the conduct of services. 4. Child care programs to provide supervision and activities for children of preschool and elementary  school age. 

5. The administration of examinations for the selection of personnel or the instructions of precinct  board members by public agencies. 

6. Supervised recreational activities. 

7. Mass care and welfare shelters during disaster or other emergencies affecting the public health and  welfare. The School District shall grant the use of school buildings, grounds, and equipment to public  agencies, including the American Red Cross, and shall cooperate in furnishing and maintaining such services, as it deems necessary to meet community needs. 

8. Other purposes deems appropriate by the School District. (E.C. 38131,38132) 


The School district shall not grant the use of school facilities for any of the following activities: 

  1. Any use by an individual or group for the commission of any crime, or any act prohibited by law. 

  2. Any use of school facilities or grounds which is inconsistent with their use for school purposes or  which interfere with the regular conduct of school work. (E.C.38133) 

  3. Any use which is discriminatory in the legal sense. 

  4. Any use, which involves the possession, consumption, or sale of alcoholic beverages, or any restricted  substances on school property. 

  5. Use and occupancy of school property shall be primarily for public school purposes. Any authorized use or occupancy of the property for other than public school purposes shall be secondary and subordinate to this primary purpose. 


The following regulations shall apply to all facilities users: 

  1. There shall always be an appointed district employee on duty when school premises are being used  by outside groups. (E.C. 38133) 

  2. In certain cases, additional staff for technical purposes may be required for an area to be made  available for public use. Any costs for additional staff shall be paid by the applicant. 

  3. One or more special duty officers are required for large group activities (dances/athletic events). Any  costs for such personnel shall be paid by the applicant. 

  4. No person/organization shall displace/remove furniture or apparatus without prior permission of  employee in charge. 

  5. School facilities shall not be available for entertainment of any type involving the use of hay, straw,  and/or animals of any type, kind, or size. No use of candles or open flame of any kind. 

  6. Persons or organizations using school facilities must see that said facilities are left in a clean and  orderly state after use. 

  7. In locations where parking is permitted on school premises, vehicles must be parked in such a manner  so that fire-fighting equipment may have easy access to buildings and fire hydrants at all times.

  8. Users are subject to such additional rules as may be set forth by the building administrator/principal. 

  9. Any site/building improvement must meet California building codes and be pre-approved in writing.  Upon completion, any improvement will become the property of the Temecula Valley Unified School  District. 

  10. No organization may obtain a facilities use agreement of more than one year in duration. Unless  otherwise stated on the use agreement, all agreements for the use of districts facilities shall expire on  June 30. Such agreements may be renewed upon application. 

  11. All fees are to be paid at least 10 days in advance. Upon review, long term reservations may be paid in  monthly installments, due 10 days prior to each month of use. In addition, the District may, at the  discretion of the administration, require a deposit in order to reserve certain facilities far in advance, or in  lieu of full payment. In such cases, full payment will be due no later than 7 days after the final day of use. 

  12. Cancellations within 10 days of use will forfeit any deposits/payments. 

  13. In the interest of public health, it is a violation of the Temecula Valley Unified School District Board Policy  3513.3 to use tobacco product on District property. This includes any and all electronic (“e”) cigarette  products 

  14. Charges for the use of school facilities will be assessed in accordance with the schedule of  charges adopted by the Board of Education. Such charges are subject to amendment at the  discretion of the Board. (E.C. 38134) 

  15. Groups or persons using school facilities under the provisions Board Policy shall be liable for any  property damages caused by said use. The Board of Education shall charge the permit holder the  amount necessary to repair the damages and may deny the permit holder further use of school facilities.  (E.C.38143.3 (f)) 

  16. Facility users will be required to provide proof of insurance with a minimum of $2,000,000.00 coverage  prior to issuance of use permit. 

  17. Any Individual, group, or organization that will be using a facility to participate in an activity similar to a  site/district activity in the same facility, shall not be allowed to reserve/use the facility within 30 minutes of  said site/district activity. 

  18. Use of District facilities does not imply access to/permission to use District/Site/Team equipment. With  certain exceptions, individuals, groups, or organizations will be expected to provide the equipment  necessary for their activities. 

  19. All individuals, groups, or organizations, in their use or occupancy of school facilities, shall comply with all  laws, rules, and regulations. Any use contrary to or in violation of any law, rule or regulation shall be  grounds for cancellation of the permit. If the permit is canceled, the permit holder is subject to removal  from the facility and shall be barred from further use thereof. Any deposits/payments made will be forfeit. 


Additional Rules and regulations for using High School Stadiums 


  1. Molded cleats or athletic shoes only: Not to exceed ½” molded or screw cleats as anything higher may  result in increased risk for injury and/or damage to the field 

  2. No sharp objects including tent stakes, corner flags or other objects that can penetrate the surface of the  field. 

  3. No food items including gum and sunflower seeds 

  4. No sports drinks or liquids other than water. 

  5. No pets 

  6. No bicycles, or other unapproved vehicles on the field, track, or surrounding surfaces.

Facility Usage Insurance requirements: 

  1. Minimum Limits of Insurance: General liability of at least $2,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury, personal  injury and property damage. 
  2. Certificate of Insurance with District and School Site endorsement as Additional Insured Party.  Applicant's insurance must provide primary coverage under this Agreement and these Rules and Regulations.  If the applicant maintains higher limits than the minimums required by law or this Agreement, the District shall be entitled to coverage for the higher limits.  Any available insurance proceeds in excess of the legal minimum limits of insurance and coverage shall be available to the District. 

    District Address for Certificate: 

    Temecula Valley Unified School District 31350 Rancho Vista Rd.  

    Temecula, CA 92592 

  3.  School site addresses attached; for description/date and location of activity/event.

    For questions or additional information, contact:  

    Shelly Lopiccolo (951) 506-7018  



Applicant hereby agrees to hold the Temecula Valley Unified School District, its Board of Trustees, the individual members thereof, and all District

Officers, Agents, and Employees free and harmless from any loss, liability, cost or expense that may arise during or be caused in any way by such

use or occupancy of school property. I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I will be personally responsible on behalf of the applicant of payment of

all charges assessed for the use of the above premises and for any damages sustained by the school building, furniture, equipment, and or grounds

accruing through the occupancy or use of said building and/or grounds by the applicant. I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I have read and agree

to abide by the rules and regulations accompanying this application, as set forth in the policies of the Board of Education and according to the law of the State of California.


NOTE: The person signing this application and the statement above must be a member of the sponsoring organization. If the

person signing is not an officer of the organization for whom the application is made, written authorization must be submitted

from the applicant group to sign the foregoing application.