Roosevelt School District
T. G. Barr Elementary School
Terms of Use



Requests for the use of school facilities must be made at the school/office site with the Site Administrator (Principal) and/or Department Head.  If approved, the Principal must provide the occupant with the Rental Agreement form. When completed, the Rental Agreement must be signed by the occupant as well as the Principal. The person requesting use of the facilities shall agree to indemnify the District for any and all damage to District facilities caused by any person(s) attending the event; and also indemnify the District against all liability and all damage to any person(s) for injuries, including death.  Allow at least fourteen (14) days prior to date of requested usage.


Adequate insurance will be required, with a copy attached to the Rental Agreement.  The liability coverage shall be at least $1,000,000. Responsibility for lost, breakage, or need for repair of any piece of furniture, equipment or portion of the facility rests solely with the person signing the agreement, who shall report same to the Administrator of the facility involved.


Regular school activities shall always be given first preference for use of school facilities.


Classrooms may be rented to groups for approved educational purposes during non-school time.


At least one school employee shall be on duty at all times when school facilities are used.  The employee on duty shall be paid by the District. No organization using the facilities shall make any payment directly to said employee(s).


No meeting shall be held in any school building for:


  • The purpose of advancing any doctrine or theory subversive to the constitution or laws of the State of Arizona of the United States.

  • The purpose of advancing social or political change by violence.

  • Promotion of private profit-making enterprises.


No entertainment shall be given in the school, the proceeds of which are to go to any individual, association, or firm.  The net proceeds of all entertainment must be used for civic, philanthropic, charitable, or educational purposes.


Use of playground lighting equipment by outside groups is arranged through the City of Phoenix Parks & Recreations Department.




The District reserves the right to refund deposits paid in advance for rent of buildings, should the performance of occupant not be in the best interest of the District, to cancel use of facilities on the date(s) specified in this agreement by notification in the following manner: by telephone, messenger, letter to the address given in this agreement, or by inserting one advertisement in a daily newspaper in Phoenix, Arizona, twenty-four hours in advance of the performance.