Sequoia Union High School District
Sequoia High School
Terms of Use




1. Facilities will be opened only at designated opening time and must be

completely vacated by designated closing time (allow at least 15 minutes foryour participants to leave campus). The requested hours will be strictlyobserved and should it be necessary to extend the time beyond that specified inthis application, special permission will be obtained from the administrator incharge of the facility before the event convenes, and in such instances additional charges may be made.

2. Hours requested should include time for your group’s special setup and cleanup needs. Individuals associated with your event will not be allowed in the facility before the time indicated. All individuals associated with the event must vacate the facility by the indicated ending time.

3. Delivery of supplies or equipment will not be accepted in the facility prior to the indicated time listed on your permit, without prior consent.

4. Be respectful of surrounding neighborhood, especially if you are renting early in the morning or late at night.


Building Set-up & Clean-up:

1. Preparation shall not be used on floors; marks may not be made or applied to floors or walls.

2. Classrooms must be left free from litter; chairs and desks returned to original positions; whiteboards erased (if used); windows closed; and lights turned off.

3. The building must be locked, all windows closed and lights turned off after the use.

4. School furniture and equipment may not be removed or displaced without written permission of the administrator in charge of the facility.

5. Cellophane tape, nails, screws, staples, etc. are not permitted in/on the walls, woodwork, or fixtures. Painters tape is recommended.

Outdoor Athletic Facility Restrictions:

1. Lines may not be made on fields without permission of the District.

2. No strollers, bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, scooters, motorized vehicles, or roller blades are allowed.

3. All food and drink must be dispersed of properly. Sunflower seeds, gum, and unshelled nuts are prohibited.

4. The use of tape or adhesives is prohibited other than painters tape.

5. No pets or animals.

6. No fires. Barbecues require prior written approval.

7. No golf playing.

8. No punctures in the turf.

9. For footwear on track: use ONLY rubberized sport shoes or 1⁄4” or less spikes.

10. For footwear on artificial field: use ONLY rubberized sport cleats or sport shoes.



1. Smoking, possession or use of narcotics or alcoholic beverages on schoolproperty, including parking lots, is prohibited. Any person under the influence of narcotics or alcohol will be denied participation in any activity. Violation of this regulation is justification for immediate termination of the event, and reason enough to deny future use of school facilities.

Payment of Facility Use Fees & Other Requirements:

1. Payment of all user fees must be made in advance of the scheduled use.

2. Require verification of non-profit status in order to apply non-profit rates (copy

of tax exempt letter).

3. Require Certificate of Liability (see below). User must provide copy of

certificate before use of facilities and name the District as additional insured.


Charges and Cancellations:

1. This reservation shall be granted with the understanding that the District may cancel a permit when the facility is needed for a District program.

2. Rain Days will be credited to the user or rescheduled, if possible at the discretion of the administrator in charge of the facility. Use of school playing fields is not permitted while it is raining, or if the field is wet and such activity will be harmful to the playing surface, and when such conditions may present a safety hazard to users.

3. If the nature of the event or number of participants changes, the District must be notified immediately and no charges may be made within 1 week prior to the scheduled use. If necessary, fees will be changed according to applicable rates. The District reserves the right to disapprove any requested changes.

4. If cancellation of a rental is necessary, the District must be notified immediately. Cancellation must be made at least 30 days in advance of the scheduled use or the user may be held liable for all charges.

5. Any damages to district property will be at the liability of the renter.

6. Tables and chairs must be wiped clean after the rental. Failure to leave tables and chairs clean will result in additional custodial charges to cover the cost of cleaning and is responsibility of the user.


Building Supervision & Revoking a Permit:

1. Buildings will be opened, and closed by an authorized employee of the District. School keys must remain in the possession of authorized District


2. An attendant may be on duty at all times and is responsible for the general conduct in the building and enforcement of the rules governing the facilities. They represent the District and will be the users contact during the use of the facility.

3. A Permit may be revoked for failure to observe any rules, regulation, and ordinance of SUHSD for improper conduct.

4. Fights, vandalism, or unacceptable behavior occurring during a rental shall cause immediate cancellation of the rental with no refund of fees.



1. No activities or entertainment are permissible which discriminate negatively upon any person because of race, color, creed, or gender.

2. There should be no profane language, fighting, or gambling on the school Premises.



The parties agree that the District makes no representations or warranties as to the repair or condition of the facilities, which user is entitled to use hereunder, and user takes such property and facilities as is. The parties further agree that it shall be the user’s obligation, not District’s, to assure that the property and facilities are in proper and safe condition to be used for the purpose anticipated; that it shall be the user’s obligation and duty, and not the District’s, to inspect such property and facilities before they are used and to take affirmative steps to repair , or where necessary, warn in order to prevent injury to person or property; and that in the event such injury does occur, any claim arising there from shall trigger lessee’s indemnity and defense obligations.

It is agreed that the User shall defend, hold harmless and indemnify the District, its officers, agents, and/or employees from any and all liability, damage, cost, expense, and/or claims for injuries to persons (including, but not limited to, sports programs participants and spectators) and/or damage to property which arise from the User’s use of the Premises (including ingress and egress to the Premises), and for such liability, damage, cost, expense, and/or claims arising from the negligent acts or omissions of the User, it’s officers, agents and/or employees.


Facilities Use Insurance Requirements:

The Sequoia Union High School District requires that all individuals and groups, requesting the use of any District facility, demonstrate that they have a minimum of one million dollars ($1,000,000) in General liability insurance. This includes, but is not limited to: bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury coverage. This coverage must be present PRIOR to finalizing any contract for the use of any District facilities. The insurance coverage cannot exclude either participants orspectators. For certain activities, the District may require additional coverage beyond the $1,000,000 listed above.

The Certificate of Insurance, which names the District as an additionally insured party, shall contain the following language:

The Sequoia Union High School District, its Board of Trustees, officers, and employees, are hereby names as an additional insured in connection with the events covered by this certificate.

Prior to the District’s approval of the use of its property, the endorsement and insurance certificate, bearing an original signature of a person authorized to attest that the policy provides the required elements, and to bind the insurance carrier to the terms of the Certificate.