San Diego City College
Terms of Use

San Diego City College - Terms & Conditions


I, the undersigned, state that the property for which application for use is herein made will not be used for the commission

of any act prohibited by law. Further, I and the organization named herein agree to hold harmless the District, its

employees/officials, from ALL claims for damages or injuries arising from use of any property granted under this

application; to fulfill the conditions and to observe the rules listed below.


  1. Royalty payments under U.S. copyright law shall be paid by the permittee.

  2. No activity shall be allowed which degrades the race, religion, nationality, color, sex, age, or disability of any person.

  3. No smoking shall be permitted, except as otherwise posted.

  4. No selling or vending of any article shall be permitted, unless specifically approved by the District..

  5. No food or confections may be served in any auditoriums.

  6. No alcoholic beverages may be on District property at any time, except in connection with a course of instruction sponsored by the District.

  7. No furniture or equipment may be moved, except under District supervision.

  8. The permittee is responsible for the care and protection of the property in their charge.

  9. No religious doctrine may be taught or practiced, except as specified in the permit.

  10. Permittee shall provide a certificate of liability insurance, naming the District as an additional insured, in an amount established by the District, evidencing coverage for injury to persons or damage to property which may arise out of permittee’s use of District property. For all athletic activities, such insurance shall be in an amount not less than $1,000,000.