Santa Barbara Unified School District
Terms of Use



In conformance with sections 38130 to 38139 of the Education Code, the Board of Education of the Santa Barbara School District has adopted the following rules and regulations covering the use of school facilities for other than school purposes:




1. Use and occupancy of school property shall be primarily for public school purposes. Any authorized use or occupancy of the property for other than public school purposes shall be secondary and subordinate to this primary purpose.                   

2. Pursuant to Article IX, Section 87, of the California Constitution, no use or occupancy of site property shall be permitted for or in aid of any religious purpose, nor shall any sectarian or denominational doctrine be taught, or instruction thereon be permitted, directly or indirectly, at any meeting on site property, except as otherwise provided for by Education Code section 38131(a)(3).                    

3. No use or occupancy of any site property shall be permitted if the Board of Education in the exercise of its discretion determines that such use or occupancy is prohibited by law, or that such use or occupancy will interfere with the use of the property for school purposes, or that it will result in picketing, rioting, or other disturbance of the peace, or in damage to the property which will render it unfit for or will interfere with its proper use for school purposes.                

4. The Board of Education may require that it be furnished reasonably in advance with a complete program, with copies of all speeches and addresses and script of any entertainment proposed to be given on site property. If such copy reasonably demonstrates that the program would be in violation of law or of these rules, the proposed use shall not be permitted.                  

5. All individuals, groups or organizations in their use or occupancy of school property shall comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Any use contrary to or in violation of any law, rule or regulation shall be grounds for cancellation of the permit and removing the users from the property, and shall bar such individual, group or organization from further use thereof.


6. The Business Office of the Santa Barbara School Districts is authorized to issue all permits for the use and occupancy of school property by all individuals, groups or organizations. Such permits will be issued only at the Business Office. If the authorized agent of the Board has any question as to the propriety of the request or proposed use, he/she shall not issue a permit but shall refer the application to the Board of Education for its consideration and action. The applicant in its application shall state the date of use requested; the hour of opening and closing; the title and nature of the entertainment, if an entertainment; the name of the organization for which the applications made; and the name of the owner, producer, or controlling agency if other than the applicant.

7. Permission to use site facilities shall be granted in accordance with a schedule of charges authorized by the Board of Education. Copies of the schedule are available in the Business Office.

8. Requests for the use of cafeteria facilities shall be considered only when authorized cafeteria personnel in the Santa Barbara School Districts can by present to supervise the activity.

9. Vending any articles shall not be permitted at any use or occupancy of the site property for civic center purposes without permission having been previously granted.

10. Except as otherwise provided by Education Code § 38134(a), any individual, group or organization using school property for civic center or other purposes shall hold the Santa Barbara School Districts, the Board of Education and individual members thereof, and all District officers, agents and employees free and harmless from any loss, damage, liability, cost or expense that may arise during or be caused in any way by such use of occupancy of school property.

11. Site furniture or apparatus shall not be removed or displaced by any permittee without permission and without supervision of the District employee in charge.

12. Site property shall be protected from any damage or mistreatment and permittees shall be responsible for the condition in which they leave site premises. In case school property is damaged, the cost thereof shall be paid by the permittee.

13. Permits shall not be granted for personal or individual use of site property or equipment.

14. Upon receipt of notice that a permit has been issued to a non-school agency for use, the principal in charge of the site shall designate a regular employee to open the building, to be in charge during the use, and to close the building after the use, such costs to be borne by the user. The District employee in charge of the building or grounds within or upon which any meeting is held is empowered to take all necessary means to enforce these rules. However, it shall be the responsibility of the permittee to see that there is such special police protection as may be necessary for adequate control.

15. Any permit may be revoked where conflicting dates have resulted or where need of the property for public school purposes has subsequently developed.

16. For the required review of qualifications under the law, applicable charges, and dates and locations requested, applications should be submitted at least two weeks in advance.

17. Admission to all meetings held in site buildings shall be limited to the seating capacity of the room, auditorium or cafeteria authorized for such us. Tickets may be sold and/or issued for authorized seating capacity only.

18. No permit for the use of site property shall be granted to any individuals for any purpose which would discriminate against persons because of their race, color or creed.

19. Site premises shall not be used by groups later than 12 o’clock midnight.

20. Only the authorized holder of the permit shall distribute any literature or other material at a civic center meeting.

21. Whenever the use of site premises without a rental fee is permitted, it is understood that there shall be no admission charge made, no solicitation of funds, no free will offering, and no sale of literature or other articles by the organization using the school facilities.

22. If free use is granted, as provided in the Civic Center Act, the meeting shall be non-exclusive and shall be open to the general public.

23. Juvenile organizations must have adequate adult sponsorship.

24. A permit for use of any site facilities is non-transferable.

25. Site premises shall not be used by any person, group or organization as political campaign headquarters for any purpose.

26. No gratuities shall be given to or accepted by custodians, administrators, or other site personnel. All cost for the services of custodians, cafeteria help, stage crews, etc., shall be billed to the user by the Business Office.

27. The use of profane language, possession of or use of intoxicating liquors, fighting, betting or any form of gambling, conducting a raffle or lottery, all are expressly prohibited. The use of tobacco in any form is prohibited inside site building.

Pool Use: When requesting pool use, certified lifeguards are required. Please attach name(s) and certification held for the lifeguard(s) you intend to use. Please contact the civic center coordinator to discuss number of lifeguards required. 

The school site must be listed on the application. Be sure all dates are listed. 

Please be sure to give a complete description of your intended use of the facility. If the students are involved, please provide the age group of the children. 

One of the boxes under “admission charge” must be checked. If admission is charged, be sure to fill in the amount, and describe how the proceeds will be used. 


The undersigned states that the organization applying for use of the property upholds the United States and California Constitutions, and that the site property for the use of which application is hereby made will not be used for the commission of any act which is prohibited by law, or for the commission of any crime. I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.