Alum Rock Union Elementary School District
San Antonio Elementary School
Terms of Use


<p><p><p><body> <h5 align="center"><u>Rationale</u></h5> <p>Alum Rock UESD exists for the children who live within its boundaries, for their education and development. It follows the School Board Policies which are designed to promote the best education possible for all students. School Board Policy #1330 provides that facilities are made available for outside activities as long as those activities “do not limit or reduce the educational advantages or progress set forth for students within the district.” It also follows that any community activities which promote the growth and development of our children will be supported to the extent that the District is able to do so, providing that such activities are devised with the safety and well being of the children involved and conform to State, Local, and District Regulations and Guidelines. The Use of Facilities Agreement and accompanying Regulations and Guidelines are based upon this reasoning.</p></p></p></p>

<p><p><p><h5 align="center"><u>Regulations and Guidelines</u></h5> </p></p></p>

<p><p><p><p>Pursuant to Alum Rock UESD “Application and Permit for Use of Facilities”, point #5, which states, “I hereby certify that I have received and read the rules, regulations, conditions and terms and that I will abide by them and the laws of California and to all other rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees and its authorization agents,” all youth leagues and adult groups are required to observe the following regulations and guidelines as part of the Use of Facilities Agreement:</p></p></p></p>

<p><p><p><ol type="1"></p></p></p>

<p><p><p><li>Vehicles are to remain off field and adjacent school property, except as allowed by individual schools for parking in approved parking lots. An allowance is made for driving on and off field facilities to load or unload equipment and/or supplies.</li> <li>All youth league or adult group construction/improvements on District property is to be done with prior District approval and must meet with State and Local regulations and guidelines as determined by the District. Therefore, all requests for construction/improvement must be requested in the form of a District Maintenance Work Order and signed by the Director of Operations after a thorough review. All work undertaken will be done according to the laws, regulations, and guidelines governing the District. NO work may commence without such approval.</li> <li>Youth league or adult group equipment may not be left outside of locked storage areas, and the District will hold liable any league or group, including but not limited to individual officers, for any injury suffered due to negligence regarding failure to maintain this standard.</li> <li>All youth league and adult group facilities must be locked, and such facilities are to be accessible by authorized District personnel.</li> <li>Youth league and adult group officials/agents are not to water fields, such as watering may conflict with the Districts water schedule.</li> <li>The District is not responsible for lost or stolen materials and/or equipment.</li> <li>Any grounds or maintenance work contemplated by any youth league or adult group must be sent to the appropriate Supervisor for Maintenance in the form of a District Maintenance Work Order, so that the Supervisor may attest that all work is done according to the laws, regulations, and guidelines governing the District. Principals will be contacted by the Operations Department as appropriate.</li> <li>No youth league or adult group using District property may alter District property without making a proper request in the form of a District Maintenance Work Order to the Operations Department.</li> <li>All youth league and adult groups using District property must maintain the cleanliness of the areas used. It is the responsibility of such leagues or groups to install a portable restroom facility surrounded by a chain link type fencing for proper sanitation. Garbage from games, practices, and related event is to be removed by the league/group using the facility. Any District approved work projects must include removal of trash and old materials from the premises.</li> <li>Alarm codes to any youth league or adult group facility must be given to the appropriate Maintenance Supervisor.</li> <li>All plans for donated construction and/or improvements must be submitted to and approved by the Director of Operations as in point #2 above to assure that such work is done according to the laws, regulations, and guidelines governing the District.</li></p></p></p>

<p><p><p><li>Any facilities opened for youth league or adult group officials and/or agents must be properly closed and locked after use.</li> <li>Only lawn mowing vehicles may be used to drag infield and other dirt surfaces to ensure the integrity of the sprinkling systems and the level playing surfaces of fields. Heavy vehicles are damaging to both field systems.</li> <li>No Youth league or adult group lock should be placed upon District owned and/or operated facility.</li> <li>No District lock is to be removed by a youth league or adult group official or agent.</li> <li><b>Alum Rock EUSD is smoke free, drug free, and alcohol free (Board Policies #530 and #4042). All users of facilities agree to enforce these policies.</b></li> <li>Marking of fields is to be performed using District Approval materials.</li> </ol></p></p></p>

<p><p><p><p>Cost associated with infractions of the above regulations and guidelines will be borne by the league or group in question.</p> </body> </html></p></p></p>