Ridgefield School District
Ridgefield High School
Terms of Use

Use of Facilities are Based on the Following Assumptions

1. School facilities are primarily provided for the education of school students.

2. Schools belong to the community and shall be available for maximum community use provided:

a. The activity shall not interfere with normal school district operations.

b. The use shall not reflect adversely upon the school district.

c. School buildings will not be used by groups subversive to the government of the United States or for private gain.

d. Approved individuals and/or organizations shall assume responsibility for rental fees as required, and the liability

for property damage and/or personal injury.


Eligibility and Priority Levels of Use

The priority levels for facility use are as follows:

1. School district (K-12) classes and programs.

2. School district sponsored extra-curricular events (open houses, athletic practices/events, arts and cultural performances,

parent meetings).

3. Community education classes, programs, and activities.

4. General community reservations (Group Levels 2, 3, 4 priority order).

Insurance Provisions

Facility users are required to provide the district with a certificate of insurance issued by a company currently licensed to do business

in the State of Washington showing a minimum of $1,000,000.00 combined single limit, bodily injury and property damage liability.

This certificate shall list the district and named insured and shall provide for notification to the district in the event of cancellation or

termination. Policies or certificates indicating coverage shall be filed with the facilities office not less than 10 days prior to the

scheduled event.


Rules and Regulations

1. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and controlled substances or paraphernalia are not permitted in school facilities or

on school property or in district owned vehicles per RCW 28.A210.310.

2. All applicants for use of school facilities shall hold the district free and without harm from any loss or damage, liability or expense that may arise during or be caused in any way by such use or occupancy of school facilities. In the event that property loss or damage is incurred during such use or occupancy, the amount of damage shall be decided by the superintendent and a bill for damages will be presented to the group using or occupying the facilities during the time the loss or damage was sustained.

3. The administration retains the authority to make the final decision on use of school facilities by a group. The group may

appeal such decision to the Board of Directors.

4. The district acknowledges the value of the district’s outdoor recreational facilities to the community’s total recreational opportunity; therefore practice fields may be used by residents. The use must be appropriate and compatible with each facility and its surrounding area. Such use shall not result in destruction, damages, undue wear or pose a hazard to children or others. Activities that endanger others or cause damage to fields and lawns are restricted. Should damage to fields and lawns occur, the administration shall make reasonable effort to obtain restitution for the damages.

5. The district realizes that unforeseen district uses may occur which will result in the necessity to cancel or reschedule community use of a school facility. The district will make every effort to anticipate potential conflicts prior to approval of applications and will contact the applicants should any conflicts occur.


Conditions and Responsibilities for Use of Ridgefield School District Facilities


1. Payment of Fees and Charges: All charges shall be paid prior to usage. Checks should be made payable to Ridgefield

School District.

2. Keys/Security: Keys to buildings or facilities are not issued to any individual or group. Doors will be opened and secured by

regularly scheduled custodial staff or authorized facility personnel.

3. Supervision: Sponsoring organizations shall provide sufficient, competent adult and/or special supervision; the number of

supervisors shall be agreed upon at the time of approval.

4. Youth Supervision: Students are not to be inside the buildings without adequate adult supervision. Adult leaders shall

remain with their groups and monitor youth behavior throughout the time of the facility is reserved. Users are to check in at

the school’s office, if the office is open.

5. Language: Foul or offensive language will not be tolerated.

6. Vacating the Premises: All use of facilities shall end in sufficient time to vacate premises in accordance with use agreement.

7. Permitted Usage: Only that part of the building specifically stated and approved in the permit is to be entered and used. Use of kitchen or cafeteria facilities will be permitted only by special arrangements.

8. Use of Special Equipment: A fee will be charged for use of District furniture and special equipment, such as public address systems, projectors, stage equipment, pianos and TV/VCR/DVD units. District equipment shall not be removed from a facility without prior approval from building principal/designee. See applicable rate schedule.

9. Gym Usage: Use of gyms for baseball and softball practice is limited to conditioning only. The use of Nerf, Whiffle, or Incrediballs is permitted. Use of pitching or batting machines is prohibited. No cleats may be worn in gyms. Adult supervisors must sign Supplementary Indoor Baseball/Softball Agreement.

10. Undue Damage or Wear: Facilities will not be made available for use that might result in damage or undue wear.

11. Damages: Facility users shall report any facility or equipment damage immediately to the Community Education Director.

Payment for damages shall be made immediately upon the District’s determination of amount.

12. Clean Up: Prior to leaving the building, user groups shall be responsible to clean up and leave the facility in order. Users are required to remove from the premises, decorations, materials, equipment, furnishings, and trash left after their use of facilities or reimburse the District for any custodial and associated costs.

13. Beverages: Beverages are not allowed in the gymnasium, or other physical education facilities. Beverages should not be on or near audio, visual, computer equipment, or other technological equipment.

14. Decorations: Prior approval from the building principal will be required before decorations or other materials may be applied to wall or floor surfaces.

15. Footwear: Appropriate footwear is required for any activity or game played in school facilities or on outdoor recreational fields. Indoor court shoes with a non-marking sole must be worn for all gym use.

16. Parking: Motor vehicles are to be parked in designated parking areas only. Parking is prohibited on playing fields and in fire and bus lanes. Vehicles parked in no parking areas shall be towed from school District property by an authorized towing agent at the owner’s expense.

17. School Closures: Emergency school closures due to weather condition, equipment failure, holidays, vacations, periodic maintenance or any other reason automatically cancel any community use of facilities in the evening or on weekends. Any rescheduling will be handled through the regular process.

18. Cancellations: All cancellations must be made through the Maintenance, Operations and Facilities office at least two (2) days prior to the scheduled time of use or the full fee will be charged. All groups will be charged supervisory time equal to two (2) hours when cancellation does not occur within specified time. Cancellations must be made during regular business hours (7:30am-5:00pm).

19. Permits for use will not be issued for any conduct/use that will be disruptive of education or pose a health/safety risk.

20. Organizations and/or individuals that do not abide by the regulations will be denied use of facilities.


Use of School Facilities – Gym Regulations

Attention: Little League/Softball Coaches


School use of facilities may preempt use. Changes may occur that might

affect your use of the facility. Every effort will be made to contact you ASAP in the event of a cancellation.


1. ALL teams must be pre-scheduled with the facilities office. Coach name(s) and contact numbers are required.

2. No use on non-school days.

3. Whiffle balls, nerf balls, and Incrediballs allowed. Absolutely NO regulation softballs, baseballs, or hardballs.

4. NO BATTING PRACTICE - NO EXCEPTIONS. Student use of baseball or softball bats strictly prohibited. Violation will result in revocation of usage permit. Coaches may hit grounders for fielding practice only.

5. Participants must wear clean, indoor gym shoes. NO cleats of any kind in the gyms. NO stocking feet.

6. Please clean up after your practice. Gyms should be left free of mud, clothing, water bottles, and equipment.

7. Participants should enter through gym doors. No one shall enter halls or classroom areas. Do not enter building/gym until your assigned time.

8. Do not block doors open as this will bend the doors and destroy the mats or other objects used. Blocked doors also present a safety issue for students and the schools.

9. Coaches must take all precautions to insure that no damage occurs to school facilities. Each coach is responsible for the actions of his/her team members. Coaches, parents, and players need to treat the school facility and District personnel with respect. The District expects strict adherence to the building use rules. I understand and agree to abide by the Ridgefield School District policy, procedures, and regulations.



Kitchen Usage - A Ridgefield School District employee or the Ridgefield School District’s Food Service Director acting as the activity supervisor is required to supervise by frequently monitoring the kitchen area and be responsible for all operations, health requirements, and equipment use in the food service areas. The Ridgefield School District employee and a user group representative is required to meet with the building kitchen manager at least one week prior to the activity and clarify usage terms, guidelines, and equipment use. The individual with a current food handler’s permit is required to be present in the preparation and operations of the food service areas at all times.

Clark County Health Department kitchen rental requirements:

  • All kitchen workers must have a current Washington State Food Handlers card
  • Renters/users must have a current Food Permit, or qualify under the School District Food license
  • Food items must be prepared in the School District kitchen, or come from a licensed operation
  • Kristina Gaylord in Maintenance is in the process of adding the "Kitchen Usage" form to the on line Facility Usage document. Any questions or more detailed information, don't hesitate to contact Mike Lee.


Concessions – Concessions at all school owned property will be provided by Ridgefield ASB, PTO, PTA, or School Boosters.Additional vendors at school sponsored events will be charged $50.00 fee per day of event. If ASB, PTO, PTA, or School Boosters are not handling concessions, all vendors will be charged $50.00 fee per day of event.


Custodial or Personnel Fees - The use of facilities beyond the scheduled working hours of the custodian, use on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday and use for fund-raising activities requires the services of district personnel. The district reserves the right to assign designated employees to be present during the hours the facility is in use, based on a two (2) hour minimum. The user will be billed for any custodial or personnel cost. Contact the district facilities coordinator for current hourly rates.


Equipment Use - Minimal fees will be charged for use of district equipment to help offset maintenance and repair costs. These fees do not eliminate liability in the case of damages to equipment or facilities.