Rio Calaveras Elementary School
Terms of Use

Stockton Unified School District Use of School Facilities

Rules and Regulations
  1. All applications for use of school buildings and grounds by other than School personnel or local P.T.A. organizations shall be made to the Facilities & Planning Office. All applications must be made ten (10) days prior to the date of use.
  2. All requests shall be presented in writing on a Board approved form and signed by an officer. Other authorized representatives of the organization must present written authorization from the applicant group to make the application.
  3. Rentals or cost covering use are payable when invoiced. Amount due and invoiced and not paid to the District within 90 days will be sent to a collection agency.
  4. Status of the organization for the purpose of ascertaining fees or cost covering charges shall be determined by the Stockton Unified School District. Where there is disagreement as to tax exemption status, the decision will be made by the superintendent or designee.
  5. Rentals or cost covering fees shall be in accordance with the schedule adopted by the Board of Education.
  6. Nothing shall be offered for sale at meetings unless special permission is given by the Stockton Unified School District, nor shall food or beverage be served except in areas designated for that purpose.
  7. The use of school premises will not be granted when in the opinion of the Board of Education or designee there is a possibility of damage of injury to school property. In case loss or damage does occur, the person or group signing the request for use of premises shall be fully responsible and liable and shall assume such liability before being granted the use of the school premises. A certificate of insurance must be provided.
  8. No application shall be issued for a period longer than the school year. Applications for the usage of the ensuing school year will not be processed until after July. Applications for usage during the summer months may be made at any time, but will not be processed until after May 1.
  9. Applications may be revoked whenever:
    1. There is interference with regular school use
    2. There has been violation of these regulations.
  10. No personnel will be furnished by the District except the custodian in charge, for security, or except as noted elsewhere in these regulations, and any other personnel used by the organization shall be paid for by them.
  11. The fee schedule is based on a minimum one hour period, and any usage in excess of one hour will be on an hourly basis for each additional hour requested.
  12. Facilities may be used until % hour before the custodian leaves. This will allow sufficient time for custodians to properly secure the facility, unless authorized in advance and with the understanding of the additional cost for custodial overtime.
  13. There shall be no public use of school facilities on Sundays, holidays declared by the board of Education, or legal holidays, unless exception is granted by the superintendent or designee.
  14. The approved usage of a facility contemplates the use of equipment which is an integral part of that facility. Where additional equipment is needed, it shall be provided by applicant. For example, when a public address system is part of the standard equipment of an auditorium, it may be used by the applicant. Other school equipment, projectors, record players, musical instructions, or physical education supplies (bats and balls may not be used.)
  15. Highly technical equipment, such as electronic scoreboards, shall not be available to users. An exception to this rule may be granted if the user arranges to have the equipment operated by a school district employee or other individual acceptable to the site administrator.
  16. A District employee must operate special lighting or sound equipment unless special permission is granted by the Administrator of the site.
  17. Generally, applications for groups of less than twelve (12) persons will not be considered.
  18. No bunting, tissue paper, or other flammable materials shall be used for decorating purposes. Decorations shall be flame-proofed prior to installation. The use of candles or other open flame items are prohibited.
  19. There shall be no commercial use of cafeteria kitchens. Cafeteria kitchens may be used for school functions or by student organizations provided the District is reimbursed in an amount sufficient to cover the cost of cafeteria salaries and operations in accordance with the accompanying rules and regulations as defined by the Board of Education and the contract between the Stockton Unified School District and the Bargaining Units.
  20. Users shall be admitted to the premises only upon presentation of this approved application.
  21. Smoking is prohibited at all school locations. (Stockton Municipal Code Section 7-152).
  22. No alcoholic beverages may be served, offered for sale, or consumed on school district premises.