Pasadena Unified School District
Terms of Use

Restrictions and Provisions for Facility Use School Facilities shall not be used for any of the following activities: a. Any use by an individual or group for the commission of any crime or any act prohibited by law. b. Any use of school facilities or grounds which is inconsistent with their use for school purposes or which interferes with the regular conduct of school or school work. c. Any use which is discriminatory in the legal sense. d. Any use which involves or permits the possession, consumption, or sale of alcoholic beverages or any restricted substances on school property. e. Any use which involves or permits the use or sale of tobacco or any tobacco product in any school property. (cf. 3513.3 Tobacco–Free Schools) (cf. 5131.6– Alcohol and Other Drugs) f. The District may exclude certain school facilities from non-school use for safety or security reasons. The following provisions must be adhered to: a. The use of open flames such as candles, or any fire is forbidden. Decorations must be approved in advance. Decorations must be flame resistant and shall be erected and taken down in a manner not destructive to school property. b. All equipment and facilities to be used must be listed on the Application for Use of School Facilities. Only trained district personnel shall operate facilities and/or equipment deemed by the district to require skilled operators. The user is bound by the determination of the district and is responsible for these salaries in addition to the basic rental fee. c. Stage productions require the presence of assigned district personnel, stage manager, who shall have complete responsibility and authority over the use of stage facilities whether district-owned or brought in for the Function. d. Program and rehearsal arrangements are binding. Buildings will be normally opened one-half hour before the program begins and closed one-half hour after adjournment. Last-minute extra rehearsals or additional room use normally will not be permitted. e. Facilities are available during non-instructional periods only if the use does not conflict with cleaning and renovating activities and if required personnel are available for supervision. f. Appropriate district personnel shall be on duty whenever a facility is being used, except for activities under the Joint Use Agreement between the City of Pasadena, the City of Sierra Madre, the community of Altadena and the District. He/she shall be in charge of facility use and will report to the site and the Chief, Facilities Planning, Construction, Maintenance and Operations or designee any problems regarding the use, including the behavior and discipline of user. g. The district may require that ushers and/or security be employed for audience control and to enforce occupancy restrictions. h. All meetings qualifying under these provisions shall be conducted within the hours of 3:30 PM to 10:00 PM. Use of School facilities and grounds shall not extend beyond 10:00 PM during school days, unless permission is granted by the Civic Center Permit Department. School facilities shall be available from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM during non-school days. No request for use of office areas shall be approved. The district retains the right to limit usage of facilities during periods that are not being used for school purposes in order to accomplish maintenance and repairs, conduct required cleaning programs, or realize energy cost savings. Use of school facilities may also be limited during spring, summer and winter recess periods, as determined by the Chief, Facilities Planning, Construction, Maintenance and Operations or designee. i. Permitted users of district facilities and grounds are only to use the areas and equipment specifically stated on the approved request for use of school facilities and grounds. School equipment may not be used other than on school property, and then only in conjunction with the approved use of school facilities and under the supervision of the district employee in charge of such use. j. The Board of Education may grant the use of school buildings or grounds to any church or religious organization for the conduct of religious services for temporary periods where such a church or organization has no suitable meeting place for the conducting of such services. The length of the use of facility permit will be approved up to six-months only. A new request must be submitted for each additional period not exceeding six months. The fees charged for such organization shall be in accordance with Category II (direct costs). k. Any use contrary to or in violation of any law, rules or regulations shall be grounds for cancellation of permit and for removing the users from the property and shall bar such individual, group or organization from further use of district facilities and grounds. There shall be no smoking in or about school buildings and grounds, no intoxicants, narcotics, profane language, quarreling, fighting or gambling. The use of golf clubs, motor vehicles, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller-skates and in-line skates (rollerblades)is strictly prohibited. Animals are not allowed on district properties except for seeing-eye dogs. Violators that do not comply with the district requirements, rules and regulations will be asked to leave the premises. If violators refuse, the Local Police Department will be requested by district staff to remove or arrest the violators. Violation of district regulations and policies by any individuals, groups, organizations or users during use of school facilities and grounds shall be sufficient cause for revoking the organization's facility use permit and for denying further use of school buildings and grounds. l. Consumption or sale of food or refreshments is not permitted in auditoriums. m. Nothing shall be offered for sale at meetings without prior approval by Civic Center Permit department. Whenever the use of school premises without paying a rental fee is permitted, there shall be no admission fee charged, no funds solicited, no free will offering, or sale of literature by the individuals, groups or organizations using the school buildings and/or grounds. n. Vehicle control under Vehicle Code Section 21113 - "No person shall drive any vehicle, nor shall any person stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended, upon the driveways, paths, parking facilities, or the grounds of any public school, except with the permission, of, and upon and subject to such conditions and regulations as may be imposed by, the governing board."The regulations for vehicle control shall be as follows: Bicycles, skateboards or other vehicles moved by human power may not be ridden on school grounds. No person shall drive any vehicle on any driveways, paths or parking facilities owned by the district at a speed in excess of five miles per hour. Parking lots: Vehicle parking areas are provided at each school site owned by the district. These parking areas are reserved for the use of school employees from 7:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Where space is provided, the public is invited to use spaces designated as "Visitor." Vehicles may be driven or parked only in designated areas. Vehicles shall not be parked in driveways or near vehicle gates in such a manner that would restrict passage of emergency vehicles. Permission must be secured in advance, in writing, from the Civic Center Permit Department under terms and conditions as may be designated for the following purposes: a. Contractors entering the grounds to carry out the intention of repair or construction on contracts authorized by the Board of Education b. Suppliers of school supplies and equipment Damage and Liability Groups or persons using school facilities under the provisions of Board Policy 1330 shall be liable for any property damages caused by the activity. The district shall charge the amount necessary to repair the damages and may deny the group future use of school facilities. Any group or organization using school facilities or grounds shall be liable for any injuries resulting from its use of district facilities or grounds. The group shall bear the cost of insuring against this risk and defending itself and the district against claims arising from this risk.(Education Code 38314) All groups or organizations using district facilities wi1l be required to provide an original certificate of insurance, in the minimum amount of $500,000.00 or $1 million, if the intended use involves physical activities and a separate specific endorsement which names the district as an additional insured on the groups or organization's liability policy. Additionally, a "Hold Harmless Agreement"must be completed and signed by a duly authorized representative of the group or organization and received by the district at the time the Request for Use of School Facilities is submitted to the district for approval.