Public Safety Training Complex (Allan Hancock)
Terms of Use


1. SECURITY OF FACILITIES. Provision of security for all events, as deemed
necessary by Allan Hancock College, shall be provided by Allan Hancock College
Police Department, or under their direction.
2. GAMBLING. Betting or other forms of gambling are prohibited, unless expressly
authorized by state law and the college.
3. ACTIONS CAUSING DISTURBANCES. Fighting, possession or use of intoxicating
liquors, drugs, or narcotics, is prohibited.
4. SUPERVISION OF RECREATION. The college may require its supervision of
activities of those using college grounds, gymnasiums, and other athletic and
recreational facilities. College athletic equipment may be used only when the college
gives special permission.
5. NO VIOLATION OF THE LAW. No activity shall be conducted which constitutes a
violation of any federal, state, or local law.
6. NO MONOPOLY. No use shall be granted in such a manner as to constitute a
monopoly for the benefit of any person or organization. (Education Code 82537.)
Normally, requests for weekly use or regularly scheduled use for a number of times
will be denied.
7. FOOD PERMITS. The use of cafeteria and other facilities for the serving of food
must be approved in advance by the college.
8. CANCELLATION OF PERMIT. Allan Hancock College reserves the right to cancel
any Facility Use Permit. The college has the right to cancel a permit whenever a
need for the facilities for educational purposes arises after issuance of permit.
9. INTERFERENCE WITH COLLEGE. Permission to use college facilities may be
granted only when the property is not needed for college purposes. No use shall be
inconsistent with the use of buildings or grounds for college purposes, or interfere
with the regular conduct of college work. (Education Code 82537.)
10. ERECTION OF STRUCTURES, ETC. No structures may be erected or assembled in
and around college facilities nor may any electrical, mechanical or other equipment
be brought thereon, unless authorized by the college.
11. SIGNS. Signs may be posted in and around college facilities only with the
permission of the college and in places and manners designated. They will be
removed immediately after the event by the permittee. Sponsors should not expect
their meeting to be advertised through college media. Any poster or directional sign
that bears the college name must be approved by the college office of student
12. CANCELLATION BY PERMITTEE. Facilities shall be available for the permittee
until one-half hour after the time designated on the permit for that meeting to begin.
Notification of cancellation of meetings for which there is a service charge must be
received at least 36 hours prior to the time for scheduled use, if service cost, fees, or
deposits are to be refunded. All cancellations, whether a charge was levied or not,
shall be reported to the permit-issuing office.
13. SAFETY REGULATIONS. The user at all times during the use and occupancy of the
facilities shall comply with all ordinances, laws and regulations affecting the use and

occupancy thereof, including all state and local fire, health and safety laws,
ordinances, and regulations.
14. NO SMOKING. Smoking is not permitted within 20 feet of any district building or
leased facility. User agrees to enforce this no-smoking policy. (Board Policy 8991)
15. SPECTATORS. All spectators must be seated in designated areas while watching
the activities.
16. FIRE HAZARDS. Lighted candles and any devices having any form of open flame
are prohibited; any material or device which constitutes a fire hazard is expressly
17. PAVILION FLOOR. No person wearing street shoes of any type shall be permitted
to walk on the gym floor when participating in basketball, volleyball, badminton, and
similar types of activities.
18. NO EXTENSION OF CLOSING TIME. Teams using the college athletic facilities
must finish the activities, including showers, within the time designated on the permit.
19. CLOSING TIME. College facilities shall not be used later than 11 p.m., except upon
special permission of the college.
20. WEAPONS. The possession and carrying of firearms and weapons of any kind in
and around college facilities shall be prohibited, except for peace officers.
21. DAMAGES. Permittee and/or lessee shall be responsible for and shall pay for
repairs or replacement of any character whatsoever which are occasioned or made
necessary by reason of the negligence or misuse of said facilities. Damage
occasioned by acts of God is excepted.
22. CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE. Any person, group, or organization outside of the
college whose event is classified by the college as a high risk activity will be required
to provide a certificate of insurance for a minimum of $3,000,000 for any liability for
injury or damage to property which may arise out of the use of college facilities.
Activities other than high risk will be required to provide a certificate of insurance for a
minimum of $1,000,000. A determination of whether the activity is high risk will be
made at the time of approval. (Education Code 82548)
23. COPYRIGHT REQUIREMENTS. Any group or organization which intends to play
music will be responsible for obtaining a copyright permit from the appropriate
national music licensing agency (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc. ).
its discretion, shall have the right to cancel and/or terminate a Facilities Use Permit
immediately and without notice upon its discovery of violation of any term, condition
or provision of the permit on the part of the permittee. Should any such violation
occur, the college, at its discretion, shall have the right to deny any future requests by
the permittee for the use of any other college property or facilities.
25. DOCUMENTATION. Documentation supporting the nature and purpose of the
organization, including proof of its tax exempt status, and the nature of the event,
must be submitted to the college on request. Failure to do so may result in denial of
the application.